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Items Every Weight Loss Patient Should Have in Case of an Emergency

Hey, Foodies.

Today’s recipe, WLS-friendly Indian-style Creamed Spinach, is coming. I promise! Lookit:

But for right now I want to get serious for a moment. For those of us on the eastern seaboard Hurricane Sandy is headed our way. And we’ve seen what hurricanes can do. Here in Baltimore, my biggest concern is electrical outages. Last summer we had a derecho (I’d never heard the term before but apparently it is a very windy storm) and it knocked out power to thousands. Thankfully, we were spared but we are extremely vulnerable since everything in our house (including the stove) runs on electricity.

During emergencies you hear the standard issue “water, bread, milk, toilet paper, flashlight” advice but I thought I’d also share the WLS-specific items in my emergency pantry.

To make protein drinks without electricity I stock up on:

  • Obviously, protein powder of some sort
  • Shelf-stable milk (pictured above). It’s usually in the same aisle as cereal. While it does not need to be refrigerated so long as it is unopened, once it’s open you need to use it because it will go bad after a while. My advice? They make these in 4 oz. boxes (that look like juice boxes), so pick yourself up a pack of those. They make them in every kind of milk (soy, almond, cow’s)
  • A blender bottle. And my suggestion is the one with the wire ball just because I find it mixes more thoroughly.
For when you get tired of protein shakes, here’s some other things you might stock up on:
  • Turkey Jerky
  • Dried, roasted edamame
  • Turkey pepperoni
  • Canned tuna and/or chicken (and if you can get your hands on packets of light mayo and/or mustard that helps as well)
  • Soy crisps (although don’t go crazy with these!)
  • TVP (can be mixed with water/seasonings to sub for ground meat in a pinch. If you’re saying “what’s that?” click here)
  • Protein bars (if you can find Quest, they are great on the stats and I also suggest Pure Protein)
I invite you all to share more items you think might help your fellow Foodies in the event of a massive power outage. The goal here is to stay safe and meet your basic needs, NOT to necessarily be eating gourmet through a hurricane.
Stay tuned later on today for the spinach recipe and most of all stay safe, Foodies!

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  1. Kelliann

    Thank you for this!! I am in CT and we are supposed to get hit pretty bad! Great suggestions! I am so used to stocking up for the kids, and then end up with no brain power left to figure anything out for myself! Thanks again!

  2. Ally W

    Don't forget water!! Mix up some big containers of CL if that's your fancy or at least store some jugs of plain H2O in case your water is contaminated or you have no running water…also useful for flushing toilets. Here in CT too and I am hitting the store today to stock up before the mad rush. Thankfully I was okay during both last years Halloween blizzard and Hurricane Irene, but I know I may not be so lucky a 3rd time.
    I know you said tuna already but they sell the little pre-mixed with mayo cans and pouches with crackers and such included and I've seen them in chicken and shrimp varieties too. I've actually found them in my Dollar Store on occassion.
    I've in the past used a sterno can and my cast iron fondue pot to heat up soups and other canned goods when the stove wasn't an option.

  3. Nikki Massie

    Great tips! I didn't include water mostly because people already buy it but you are right. You can't stress hydration enough!!!

  4. Nicole

    Yeah, the outages in MD during the Derecho were insane… I did a lot of eating out because Pepco restored power to businesses before residences! With that in mind, had my husband take a cooler full of our freezer to his work – chicken & egg substitutes from Costco will survive Sandy!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Well we are praying here in York that it does not hit as hard as they are saying. Went to the grocery today and really had a problem trying to decide what to buy that would be suitable for me….sure wish I had read this earlier!! Although I do have a gas stove so I can cook so I did get some staples for meals with beans, etc….it is certainly a challange!

  6. kpoll19

    Thanks for the ideas. I will be praying for you. We are in South Jersey so it is scary!