TVP Tuna

I figure until I get it together recipe-wise (and believe me I have a bunch of freshly tested stuff to share…I just have to make it and photo it!), I’ll continue to give you a glace at my real-eating perspective.

So here’s another lunch!

I don’t know that I’ve ever put my TVP tuna recipe in one post so here goes:

Nik’s TVP Tuna


4 oz. tuna in can, liquids reserved
1/4 c. textured vegetable protein (if you’re going “what’s that?” click here)
1 tbsp. whatever mayo you feel comfortable using (I do low-fat but NEVER fat free)
2 tbsp. Greek yogurt
1 tsp. (not tbsp) Dijon mustard (I know this seems like a lot of wet stuff but trust me…it works out)
1 tbsp. finely diced onions
a dash each of: garlic powder, salt and pepper


Combine tuna, liquid, seasonings and TVP in a bowl and mix well. Allow the TVP to soak up the liquids.

In a separate bowl, combine mayo, yogurt and mustard. Mix well.

Combine the the tuna mixture with the mayo mixture, add the onions and mix again!

Serving this on the apple slices makes a nice alternative to crackers and something about the combo of tart apples and onions really does it for me (I am weird like that).

Anyhoo…you may now return to your regularly scheduled afternoon!


  1. That looks yum! I think that week be my lunch tomorrow!

  2. I will have to try this as TVP Chicken Salad, and add some spicy hot dills to it…

  3. Dana, if you do that I advise you to use more…yogurt? (I cannot, by virtue of being a weight loss food blogger advise more mayo). Canned chicken doesn't have the same level of liquid so your TVP will be harder if you don't get more moisture in there.

  4. Happy to see this recipe! I bought a bag of Bob’s Red Mill TVP after surgery but never knew what to do with it. Is there a taste or flavor to this?

    • FoodieNation_Admin10

      TVP has an ever so slight “nutty” flavor that is pretty easily covered up. The important part is do NOT drain the tuna! The TVP needs the moisture and the water in the tuna can for flavor. Good luck and report back!

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