Another fact about fat

Dear Friends,
I got a message from my good friend Hala about my post on fat on the nutrition label.
She pointed out that some studies show that some saturated fats can have health benefits and warned me not to demonize them all.
Well Hala…you are absolutely right! And I sort of went against my own policy of not labeling food good out bad. It’s just food!
Thanks to my good friend I now know this and will remember it!
I wanted to relay this to you because I say it over and over again: we are a community. I am not the expert but simply the moderator. Oh and the one who is willing to fail spectacularly so you don’t have to.
So if you disagree with something I say our feel it could be said better, share that with your fellow foodies!
In that way we all benefit. Thanks to Hala for speaking up!
(By the way I am blogging this from an app on my phone. Once I reach a computer I will post more of what Hala taught me.)
Good health always,
(now..the divas and I are off to Six Flags for the day! Woot!)
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