5 Things You Should Know About Barimelts


(UPDATE: This post was written in 2014. Sadly (for us), Hunky Tim got a promotion and doesn’t work directly with Bariatric Foodie anymore. But we can remember his tenure and smile. Moving on…)

This is Tim. Tim the Barimelts guy.  And he wants you to know something. No matter how many times I inappropriately harass him make reference to his boyish good looks, it’s really all about the vitamins. (Nods slowly, mesmerized…)

Huh? What was I saying? Yes, the vitamins!

So here’s the deal. Newer post-ops. Tell me if this has ever happened to you. You have all these requirements. You’re overwhelmed. You gotta get this much water and these many grams of protein and this much exercise and on top of all that? You have to take vitamins!

I know a big problem for me was that I’d take my vitamins and – regardless of if they were chewable or swallow pills – I got full off of them! Freaked me right on out.

Well that’s one of the problems Barimelts is trying to solve. So I asked Tim a few questions about what makes them so special and why we should give them a try.

Nik: So there are a lot of bariatric vitamins out there? What makes Barimelts different?

Tim: Other than being “the new kids on the vitamin
scene,” the biggest difference is that BariMelts are NOT chewables. They dissolve before you swallow, so there isn’t any extra work from your system
to break them down like with most products that are full or partially intact
when you swallow. If you want to read more about that process, here’s a great explanation on our website.

Nik:     So they really do dissolve in your mouth? Exactly how long does this take?

Tim: They do!  Here are the typical times, which can vary from person to person:

  • 60-90 seconds with no chewing
  • 30-45 seconds when the tablet is lightly broken
    up in the teeth and then allowed to dissolve
Biotin / Iron /B-12 Plus
  • 45-60 seconds (these are small enough to be take sublingually).  Faster if lightly broken
    up in the teeth.


  • 30-45 seconds when lightly broken up in the teeth and allowed to dissolve

Nik: How do you decide on the flavors? And what exactly are Barimelts flavored with? Sugar??? 

Tim: We chose the flavors that we got the best feedback on.  This often depends on the ingredients in the formula.  For example, the Multivitamin has a lot of components in it, so we used our special blend of natural fruit flavors to get the taste right.
For sweeteners, we only use all-natural (e.g. monk fruit, and sometimes a small amount stevia – never any artificial flavors or sweeteners like sucralose).  All the
products are sugar-free except Calcium, which has less than 2 g per sugars serving. Also, all our products contain ingredients that are Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and Dairy-Free.
Nik: And how many calories do Barimelts have? You know I have to watch my girlish figure! 
Tim: All BariMelts are zero-calories except Calcium, which has less than 9 calories per serving.
Nik: Many Foodies have tried (and hated) various vitamins, so understandably they are wary of trying new things. How can they try before they buy a full month’s supply? (Did you get what I just did there?)
Excellent! You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it!
Barimelts has a special sample pack offer for the Foodie Nation! Visit our website to claim your sample pack for just $2.95.  Then if you like what taste, you can use the special discount code “FOODIE10” to get 10% off your first purchase. Now I know there are a lot of Canadian Foodies out there. Unfortunately we’re not shipping to Canada yet, but I want you to know we’re working on it! Once we’re up and running, the Foodie Nation will be among the first to know!
So…there you have it Foodies. Straight from the hunk’s horse’s mouth! 


  1. How many carbs are in your vitamins?