WLS-friendly Quesadillas

How do you know the food blogging lifestyle has REALLY penetrated your household?

When you make a yummy lunch to share with your little diva and she insists you photograph it before you can eat any of it. Yep, this is my life folks.

So, down to business. Quesadillas. Usually not such a great idea. I hated when restaurants started publishing calories on their menus because it forced me to face how devilishly WRONG those things are. But as the old saying goes, “if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

Instead of trying to cut this crave-worthy treat out of my life completely, I decided to make a few changes to it. In the process, I managed to cut a LOT of calories and fat and still preserve the experience that I know and love.

Nik’s Crave-worthy Quesadillas (Basic recipe)


1 La Tortilla Factory whole wheat low-carb taco sized tortilla (I found mine at a local grocery chain called Safeway)
2 oz. canned chicken breast meat
¼ c. shredded taco cheese (I used taco instead of Mexican style because taco cheese has taco seasoning in it)
¼ of a small onion, in thin rings
A few thin strips of green pepper

Toppings: 2 heaping tablespoons unflavored Greek yogurt, 2 heaping tablespoons salsa of your choice


I used a griddle pan on a medium flame to do this. First, I sprayed it down with nonstick and grilled my onions and peppers until they were tender and removed from the pan.

Next I laid my tortilla out on the griddle and spread my cheese all over it (a quarter cup isn’t a lot of cheese but on this size tortilla it sort of works).

Then I topped one side with my canned chicken (you can also grill up chicken breast tenderloins. The canned is easier on my pouch.) and the onions and peppers.

After a few moments, fold one side over the other and press it gently just to get the cheese working as the “glue” of the quesadilla.

Flip and cook the other side until browned and crisp.

Transfer to a cutting board and cut into wedges. When I share with the little diva I make two of these which makes two wedges for each of us. You can cut the wedges smaller if you like.

I make these in a million variations and I’ll be sharing those over the summer. I served grapes with our little feast and then me and the kid watched her “I can watch it a million times” movie: The Sound of Music. Otherwise known to me as, the longest movie EVER once you’ve seen it ten times. But I like it. And I love her. So it was perfect.


WLS-friendly Quesadillas
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WLS-friendly Quesadillas
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