Update/Preview of the new recipe book!

I know I announced about a cabillion years ago that I was updating the protein shake recipe book.

Life is a trip.

Besides the fact that I’m flying solo here on the blog, I don’t know if you all know I’m a single mom with the world’s MOST dysfunctional family. So…I get in writing/editing/revising where I can fit it in.

Add to that the fact that I’ve been helping to edit my friend Pam’s book (see below a picture of me…editing Pam’s book) and that just adds to more insanity. And somehow I find time to take pictures of food I cook and post those pictures here. I am officially crazy.

True Nik fact: Nik’s day job is as a professional writer and she is studying to become an editor!

So the update…I have the initial layout done! I’m doing this DIY so that I can pass the savings on to you (and not charge $75 a copy…kidding…sorta) so it’s slow going but I am learning SO much!

I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek into the direction the book is going in. I’m working to make it full of tools that YOU can use to live out your existences as Bariatric Foodies in your own environments.

To that effect, here’s a tool I developed for the book to help you discover your “protein shake personality.” (hint: it’s the same as the above thumbnail) Enjoy this sneak peek and stay tuned for the release of the book (God willing and the sun don’t shine) in the early summer!

So try the test out for now. As I get closer to releasing the book, I’ll give you more information on what your answers mean. Until then…stay tuned!