Tilapia to the Rescue!

Did I mention to you that my 25 year-old, “fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants” brother is crashing on my couch these days? Yeah. That’s how I feel about it too.

Although with the divas gone for the summer he is good company. Bad thing about having other folks in your home, though, is that you begin to rely on them for stuff. For instance, he gets up earlier than me for work and so he USUALLY makes sure to wake me before he leaves.

Not so this morning. I opened my eyes blissfully refreshed this morning and quickly saw why—it was 8:15 a.m.! You should have seen the speed at which I got dressed and made my lunch. Frankly, I’m surprised my outfit matches.

What does all this have to do with you? Well, I took a moment this morning to document my lunch because it’s a good example of how to cook on the fly.

I came downstairs this morning and put on my tea kettle to boil for coffee water. While doing that, I contemplated lunch. I didn’t have much time to babysit something on the stove so I decided to go with a foil packet. God bless Reynold’s wrap for promoting these things. So the one I made this morning was very simple.

I added rings of onion, some zucchini, halved cherry tomatoes and I chopped up a very small clove of garlic. Onto that I put a 4 oz. tilapia filet, which I seasoned with good ol’ McCormick Cajun spice blend.

Wrapped it in the foil and threw it on the George Foreman grill for about 15 minutes (I find this is good to ensure the frozen filet gets done through.

I quickly made my coffee and dashed back upstairs to get dressed, wrangled the dog into her kennel and by the time I was finished all that, look what was waiting for me:

I hit it with a bit of wasabi-sesame finishing oil and threw it into a microwavable container and was out the door! I walk to work (1 mile each way) and was a speed demon this morning. I got in at 9:30 (per the half-asleep e-mail I tapped out to my supervisor when I awakened) and now have a nutritious, delicious, protein-packed lunch to eat.

Tilapia to the Rescue!
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Tilapia to the Rescue!
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  1. Lynne

    ummm – by 8:30 a.m. I've been AT WORK for two hours!

  2. nessa

    stunning…. i could eat maybe half of it and who the hell cooks lunch before work… oy.

  3. *Christie*

    I don't know if those are your friends being sarcastic or not but those comments sound really mean. MOST people start work at 9am on average and when I was working at 4am at Starbucks I didn't say that to other people.
    Her point is she was running late and she still managed to make something healthy to take to work.
    Who the hell cooks before work? Um, people who want to take good things to work with them and not eat cold lunch every day or eat out every day.

    Anyway… congrats on managing to do this I think that's great. I haven't done a foil packet on my george forman, what a good idea and I'll definitely try that.

  4. Nikki Massie

    Hey Christie,

    Yes, both were tongue-in-cheek comments I think. I know Nessa in person and Lynne is a faithful blog reader. But thank you for making those points!

    I cook myself a lunch for every day. Before I used to make a big batch of something on the weekend and portion it out. These days I like more variety so I usually do day to day lunches. It's a half hour a day I spend focusing on my healthy eating plan!

    Let me know how your foil packet turns out!

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