A Big Phat Foodie THANK YOU!

This is one of those rare non-recipe posts. Just me musing.
Indulge me. We’ll get back to food in a minute.

As I think about all I learned at FitBloggin’ one thing becomes apparently
clear to me. This space, this tiny community that is Bariatric Foodie, is
unique and awesome.

What makes me say that?
Well, I am a big fan of community. That’s one reason I am
particularly proud of Bariatric Foodie. When I first started the blog I was all
about getting MY recipes out there. But a funny thing happened. You guys
started sharing with me how you changed my recipes. And I thought the changes
were brilliant (for the most part). Eventually it all gelled into the “play
with your food” concept.
Now, I can say with confidence I feel we (you and me)
interact a lot. I post recipes and you post tweaks to them. You send me recipes
and pictures of what’s going on in your kitchen and I post them. I ask
questions and you give me answers. And you guys ask each other questions and
help each other along the way. And we not only talk here but on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and via email too!
In short, I am not (nor have I ever proclaimed myself) THE
Bariatric Foodie. We are all Bariatric Foodies. Trying to figure out this thing
called post-op life together. I like that about us.
So this post is just to say thank you for being you. Thank
you for being a Bariatric Foodie. I’ve had such fun so far in the last three
years of writing this blog and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

And if you’ll also indulge me a small appeal. I’d like to challenge you all. If
you like what’s going on here, share it! Tell your support group members, you
friends (even non-ops!) and others about Bariatric Foodie. Get others playing
with their food.
Because the tools for better health are the greatest gifts
you can give someone.
Ok, ok…enough with the mushy stuff. Tomorrow: check out what
I’ve been doing with those protein shake starters!!!


  1. Cause I luvs you, I shared your info last night at my group meeting 🙂

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