The “Super Chill” Method for making a Protein Frosty

Did you like yourself a Wendy’s Frosty pre-op? I did. It was a little different than a milkshake. Thicker, more ice. It could hold a spoon HOSTAGE! Yeah…the Frosty is nice. But we’re not living like that anymore!

But did you know you can achieve that same effect with your protein shake? Yep! And I’m going to tell you how.

Let’s do this!
Nik’s “Super Chill” Method of Blending Frosty-like Protein Drinks

Ok so let’s talk blenders first. If you have a Ninja blender or system, you get to pass go and collect your protein Frosty…you really don’t need the Super Chill method, frankly. Your equipment does it all for you. Sigh…you lucky duck. 
I have three blenders (this one, this one and the one below). For the sake of argument I’m using this one (Hamilton, Jr. I call him) to explain my method.
My apology for lack of process pics. I make one of these every day so tomorrow I’ll snap pics and add them.
For this you’ll need:
  • A blender (duh)
  • Your favorite protein (I used this)
  • Any additives you like (pudding mix, syrups etc.)
  • Ice
  • Some form of liquid
If you have a large pitcher blender and not a little cutie like Hamilton, Jr., the method remains pretty much the same. The first step is to add your protein to the blender. Yep…that’s right. Before you put anything else in, put your protein in there. Put whatever DRY additives you use in at this point too (cocoa powder, sweetener, etc.)
Add exactly 8 cubes of ice. And not those little baby cubes of ice that didn’t get enough water in the ice cube slot. Eight REAL cubes of ice. This is serious stuff people.
Add about 3 oz. of the liquid that you’re going to add. If you’re adding syrup, do it at this point but subtract that from the other liquid you add (so if you use 2 pumps of syrup, which equals about an ounce, subtract 1 oz of milk or water from what you pour in).  Let it trickle down as far as it’ll go then give the blender a jiggle to get it down a bit further. Is it down there? Yes? Good!

Ok, blend it about 15 seconds or so. Just long enough to get the ice moving.Your blender may have trouble at this point. Do not worry! At this point, pour the remaining 3 oz. of liquid (if you feel you need it. For some people with really good blenders the 3 oz. along may be enough!) in your blender and jiggle the blender again to get it all going downward. 

Turn on your blender again and just let it go about a minute and a half. Now in general when a shake blends, as it aerates it turns a lighter shade and you can usually see that happening from the top to the bottom. Every time I’ve tried this method, the light color gets about halfway down before it just doesn’t want to blend anymore. 
At that point, jiggle and blend again another 20-30 seconds. If need be stir the liquid down to the bottom but don’t add anymore liquid unless you absolutely have to! (In which case add just a tablespoon at a time.) It’ll never get to be all one color, I’ve found, and you’ll probably have to stir it to get it all mixed. If there are ice chunks, give it another go for about 20 seconds (repeat stirring/blending as many times as you deem necessary to obliterate ice chunks). If you don’t feel any chunks, it’s ready to go into your glass!

…and speaking of that protein I used, a week or so ago I polled folks on the BF Facebook Page to find out if you’d be willing to invent a recipe for a BIG prize. Fit Frappe is the product that will be at the center of Bariatric Foodie’s first ever recipe contest! More details are coming but familiarize yourselves with the product because there will be prizes!
And if you weren’t a fan of the frosty, check out these other time-tested BF protein drink making methods:
The "Super Chill" Method for making a Protein Frosty
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The "Super Chill" Method for making a Protein Frosty
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  1. Trish

    I use my vitamix like this. Though I do useore liquid. I will have to try it with less liquid. Thank you.

  2. sarahmcdermott

    I cannot digest the flavored protein mix, so I take a scoop of my vanilla whey protein, add a little less water, add two or three frozen strawberries and blend. With even less water, it can become a soft-serve consistency.

  3. Maria Johanna Uhlott

    I just came up with something like this the other week. I use the same amt of ice in the blender. I then heat one cup of water and disolve sf jello in it. I put a couple of ice cubes into the jello to cool it down a bit before adding it to the belender. I then blend away and yes you have to stop and shake the blender every so offten. I then can freeze some in smaller amts or enjoy right away. If you let it sit it jells and gives it an interesting texture. I haven't tried to add the protein in it yet that is the next step.
    Thank you for your sharing your ideas

  4. holly collins

    6 ounces of liquid makes mine too thin. it looked more like the pic when I only had the first 3 ounces in. are you sure it is 6 ounces of liquid?

  5. Nikki Massie

    It is for ME. But you might need to adjust based on your blender/protein powder. But I use a measuring cup so yep…6 oz. is what got me to that picture!

    Sounds like 3 is better for you so try that next time and see if you have some Frosty love going on!

  6. Kates

    OMG!!!! This is wonderful! I used Click (of course) and it was like getting a special treat! A great change up from how I had been doing them. I'm thinking of maybe making some coffee ice cubes to try in this next time 🙂

  7. Dana

    I tried it tonight. My blender (a Cuisinart which has served me well, but is getting up there in blender service time) did NOT like just the 3 ounces of liquid, and fared much better with the other 3 ounces.

    I used Syntrax Mint Cookie protein, 1 packet of Truvia, 1 ounce of DaVinci SF Butterscotch syrup and a total of 5 ounces of lactose-free fat-free milk (since it was on sale when I bought it). When I poured it in my glass, I stood a teaspooon (a real stainless steel teaspoon, not one of those cheapo plastic ones) in the glass, and it was not going to budge.

    Based on Kates' comment, I may use some Chike Coffee mix the next time I make a shake this way!

    Thanks, Nik!

  8. Nikki Massie

    Dana…that sounds good. Really, really good. I mean really, really, REALLY good.

    I may have to break down and buy some of this Mint Cookie protein. It's just so expensive! But everyone seems to love it.

  9. Dana

    I picked it up when it was sale at – free shipping for orders over $75.00 (Buy a couple – split it with a friend!)
    I tried this protein based on Melting Mama's recommendation (Knowing that not everyone shares the same opinion when it comes to different products, I've found that, along with you and Eggface, when she recommends something, it's worth a try!)
    I will admit I was a bit concerned, since I'd tried a different flavor in their Nectar line, and it ended up being one of the few times I gave away a container of protein because of its flavor.
    I just checked Syntrax's Facebook page, and they say they'll be offering a 35% discount products sold in their online store this Wednesday (08/08/12)!

  10. Escape Pod

    I've been making Click mocha soft-serve this way, and I love it. I also just started using xantham gum to make my protein shakes a little thicker, and it's pretty wonderful! I've read that 1/4 teaspoon xantham gum powder, and 1/2 teaspoon guar gum powder together make a pretty awesome thick, creamy protein shake, but I'm still waiting on my guar gum order. Lovin' the xantham though. Just be careful – too much turns it into a blob!!

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