The Bariatric Foodie Year in Review 2012

Wow. Another year gone by. And this year I have mixed feelings about the New Year. On the one hand it’s a new start, a chance to do better with my health, career and finances. But then the passage of this year also means goodbye for me: goodbye to a year when my mother was alive, goodbye to the self I was before she passed. But still, I’m hopeful.

And you guys have a LOT to do with that.

When I needed time off this year, you understood. You sent me encouraging notes and cards and some of you still write to me just to make sure I’m ok. This is what I love about community. I care very deeply for you all and this year you all showed me in so many ways that you care deeply about me and I am humbled.

S’anyway…enough of all the mushy stuff! Without further adieu, I present to you the Bariatric Foodie Year in Review!


Nik’s Protein Caramel Apple Salad

The beginning of January is always a special time for me because Jan. 8 is my surgery anniversary! Check my 2012 reflection on being four years post-op.

So far as food, there was lots of yumminess to be had here at BF. From Melissa’s Oatmeal, walnut and cranberry protein cookies, to my Protein Caramel Apple Salad  to Zesty Skillet Mushroom Chicken, there was great food to be had in the Foodie Nation in January!


The 2013 Bariatric Foodie Pledge begins on February 2nd!!!

Anyone who’s been hanging around here a while knows what February means. The Bariatric Foodie Pledge!  The Pledge will return in 2013 for its third year and I am working on gathering up great prizes as we speak! But I have to give shouts to last year’s sponsors: Davinci Gourmet (maker of fine sugar-free syrups I use n many protein shake recipes) Click Espresso protein, Building Blocks Vitamins, CarbSmart and Quest Nutrition!

Even though we worked hard on our goals all month long, we did manage a few yummies in February too. Among my favorites were a tutorial on how to make protein pudding, fellow Foodie Kelly showing us how to make yummy fruit compote and my Curried Chickpeas!

Yummy blueberry compote!


Even though this was the month Mama Foodie was called home, the month began pretty well. Kelly (who now proudly serves as your Foodie Vitamin Correspondent for the BF email newsletter) wrote the fabulous BF Basics: Veggie Tales, on vegetarianism after weight-loss surgery!

We also had quite a few Foodie submissions including Cauliflower Crust pizza, Lois’ Banana Butterscotch Protein Blizzard and Carissa’s Cinnamon Muffins!


The first part of April was pretty quiet in the Foodie Nation. It was a strange month, I must admit. On April 1st we “celebrated” La Grande Diva’s 13th birthday and on the 5th we laid Mama Foodie to rest, I took a few weeks off to cope with that loss. But I found that keeping touch with you all helped me through my grief so it wasn’t long before I was back to posting.

We went over my no-fail secret to marinating meat post-op (which has a 100% success rate so far!), I tried mustard greens for the first time in this delicious recipe and I came up with yet another casserole, this time my Cheesy Chicken & “Rice” Casserole.

OH! And how could I forget??? April was the month the “Eggchilada” was born! Life has never been the same. 😉


Veggie chili, anyone?

I think May was when burn-out really hit me. I also moved out of our home of 13 years that month so things were REALLY quiet around these parts!

In May, we did manage the “All Click’d Out” contest where some of you won some Click protein. La Petite Diva and I also reviewed Click Decaf and I shared my recipe for some “Kick Arse” Veggie Chili.


Taco soup!

In June I got this crazy idea. Well, maybe not crazy but…crazy. I came across this website that challenged people to learn about global poverty by taking a challenge: for five days spend only $1.50/day on food. Yeah. That was not fun. But I did it, called it “Nik’s Hunger Games” (Get it? Cuz…y’know…hunger games and…never mind…)and recorded it so you all could watch me suffer…er, learn.

So after all that business was over…I ate! Let’s see, I had some of Dana’s Fauxtato Salad (well, actually I didn’t but a fellow Foodie was nice enough to share her recipe) we also got to sample Teddi’s Taco Soup!

…And in a move that proved that life definitely marches on, Mama Foodies two Basset Hounds – Leroy and Loretta – became the proud parents of NINE puppies, one of which is my baby boy Benji!


Noodleless Lasagna. Nom, nom, nom!

This was an exciting month because we launched Foodie News, the Bariatric Foodie e-mail newsletter (if you aren’t signed up for it, there’s a form right above this post. Issues begin again in January!).
Other than that we stayed generally busy with Amanda’s Faux Lasagna Meatball Bake, my recipe for Noodleless Lasagna and we asked ourselves one of life’s essential questions: “What the HELL is a jicama?”
We also gave away some delicious Chike Protein Iced Coffee! I like Chike. Don’t you?
Nik’s Proteiny Zucchini Fritters

Ok, so it was hot. Really hot. I mean really, really hot. Which inspired me to come up with the “Super Chill Method of Making Protein Frosties” (think of it as the “Triple X” method on crack). We also learned that a zucchini cake can, in fact taste like a crab cake – and have good protein to boot! I also shared one of my favorite lunch knock-offs, WLS-friendly Lunchables!

The biggest part of the month for me was this moment:
Getting to meet up with fellow fab post-op bloggers Melting Mama and Shelly (a.k.a. “Eggface”) at FitBloggin ’12!
That was a great experience, but to be fair that came at the END of the month. Lots of great stuff happened up to them like our Fit Frappe contest! And learning to make Sofrito! (And learning what the HELL Sofrito is!) And Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake Starters! And exclamation points!!!
Nik’s Pumpkin Chili

This month was all about the veggies for me. I shared my recipe for Pumpkin Chili (and many of you were brave enough to try it…and liked it!). I also shared my Farmer’s Market Scramble and I announced the sale of the 2012 Bariatric Foodie Holiday Survival Kit! Thanks for all who purchased one (and btw there are still a few Bariatric Foodie Protein Shake Sample Kits available at a super-low price if you’d like to try one!). You helped score this for the Foodie Nation:
I hope you guys have already noticed the improvement in food porn pictures since I got this!

This was a busy month as the sales of the Holiday Survival Kits really took off! I made a trip to Pittsburgh to visit with Ms. Cheryl (the Head BF Kit Elf) and we also had some yummy recipes going on. 
This magnet – one of five in the BF Inspirational Magnet set – helps me remember WHO I’m in this for!
In November I also began offering the BF Inspirational Magnet Set for those who, like me, sometimes need to take pause before opening the refrigerator door. They are still on sale on the “Shop BF!” page by the way, if you want a set. 

This is always a busy time around these parts but then I always get hair-brained ideas that make it even busier. Like, say, doing a month of back-to-back giveaways! But that’s just what I did! The Mother of ALL Decembers has been a great success so far and I enjoyed every moment of it.
This month was also special because I finally, finally, FINALLY released the Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes with dozens of recipes, tips and tricks to make every protein drink experience (hot or cold) a good one! If you want a copy, you can order it here!
And there’s always food. Always! In December we made “Nik-a-doodles,” I shared my “Secret Sauce” that’s so good it doesn’t NEED any spaghetti and we baked protein banana bread. Mmmmmm…
So in closing…

This has been a great year here at Bariatric Foodie and I’m so glad to have YOU around as we start 2013, which promises to be even bigger and better.
I wish you the happiest of New Year’s and, as always, PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!!!


  1. I hope you have a great start to 2013, Nikki! Thanks for the shout out for the February 2012 and my blueberry compote. Totally cool to be featured! Reckon this is a challenge for me to play with more of my food and submit my pics and recipes to you for next year. Who knows, maybe I'll make it in your 2013 shoutout! Blessings to you and your family! Kelly

  2. Thank you Nik for creating Bariatric Foodie! I am so thankful for this site of awesome resources!!! <3

  3. Happy New Year, Nik! Your blog made my first year post-op much easier, with tons of great recipes to try (not to mention introducing me to Chike Iced Coffee, when I won your giveaway this summer!). Looking forward to more yummy recipes in the coming year!

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