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BF Basics: Sugar Shock (Part Five)

Sugar substitutes Wow…this has been a journey. We’re sort of sad to see it end! But it must. We do hope, though, that after today you feel a bit better informed about sugar (or at least not gun shy about doing your own investigation). Today, let’s talk about sugar substitutes. It’s entirely your decision whether or not to use sugar …

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BF Basics: Sugar Shock (Part Four)

Smoke and mirrors: how the food industry tries to confuse us about sugar So we’ve all seen it. “No sugar added!,” “Sugar free!” What does it all mean? Here’s the breakdown: Sugar free means there is no sugar of any kind (no sucrose, no lactose, no fructose, no maltose). Usually there is a sugar substitute in these products and the …

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BF Basics: Sugar Shock (Part Three)

So what does this all mean? The Nutrition Label. Dumping. For those who dump, it’s a horrid experience. For those that don’t, you live in fear that someday, by pure accident, you’ll find that you do. Because it’s unavoidable, right? WRONG! For fellow RNYers at least, everything you need to know to protect yourself from a sugar dump is right …

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BF Basics: Sugar Shock (Part Two)

Three Common Natural Sugars: Lactose, Fructose, Maltose It is a little known fact that sucrose is actually NOT a naturally occuring sugar. The three major, naturally occurring sugars are lactose, fructose and maltose. Here’s the down-low on each. Lactose I cannot count how many times I’ve answered posts or e-mails from a new post-op with the following exclamation: “there’s sugar …

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BF Basics: Sugar Shock (Part One)

Ok, let’s start with what we all think of when we think “sugar.” We think of this guy: This is table sugar, or sucrose. Now, he isn’t by himself in our collective consciousness. When we talk about sugar we could also be talking about this guy: Or this guy: And even this guy: All of these things can make up …

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BF Basics: Sugar Shock

Sugar. From our experience it’s one of the most widely misunderstood substances among post-ops in general. Whether you’ve had bypass, band, DS, VSG…many folks seem perplexed by sugar—what it is and what it means to US! No fear…Bariatric Foodie is here! In this BF Basics series, we’re going to give you a good primer on sugar that will help you …

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