BF Basics: Sugar Shock

Sugar. From our experience it’s one of the most widely misunderstood substances among post-ops in general. Whether you’ve had bypass, band, DS, VSG…many folks seem perplexed by sugar—what it is and what it means to US!

No fear…Bariatric Foodie is here!

In this BF Basics series, we’re going to give you a good primer on sugar that will help you understand what you see on a food label, what’s generally ok for consumption and what to avoid.

Starting tomorrow, and through Friday, we’re going to post each part of the series. Not to worry, though, we’ll still be posting the recipes you love this week!

Here is a summary of the topics covered in this BF Basics:

Part One: The #1 Suspect: Sucrose!

Part Two: Lactose, Fructose Maltose – Naturally Occurring Sugars

Part Three: So what does this all mean? The nutrition label

Part Four: Smoke and Mirrors – how the food industry tries to confuse us about sugar

Part Five: Sugar Substitutes

So tune in tomorrow, sweet thangs, and let’s talk sugar!

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