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Nik’s S’mores Protein Pudding (and Torani Sugar-Free S’mores Syrup Review!)

OBLIGATORY “FED” DISCLAIMER: Per Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, Bariatric Foodie discloses that Torani provided the reviewed product free of charge for the purposes of this review. Bariatric Foodie publishes fair, unbiased reviews. The opinions expressed in this review are those solely of Bariatric Foodie and are opinions, which have not been reviewed by the Food & Drug Administration, and …

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How to Make Protein Pudding

 So…while you guys are working hard on your Bariatric Foodie Pledge goals for week one, I thought I’d post this little tutorial since one of my recipes this week requires protein pudding. Many bariatric companies sell protein pudding mixes, which always makes me shake my head. It’s so easy (and way cheaper) to make it yourself! Let’s go over …

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