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S’mores Protein Pudding Pie

 Even though we’ve been experiencing fall-like weather in Baltimore over the past week it is still, in fact, summer. Which means my gut instinct is to NOT turn on the oven if I can avoid it. I have one big cooking day a week where I make or “start” a bunch of things and then finish them off throughout …

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Mocha Toffee Protein Pie

  Obligatory Fed Warning: When clicking on links related to products within this blog post, you will be redirected to sites where those products are available for sale. If you go on to make a purchase through the linked site, a portion of your purchase will be paid back to Bariatric Foodie. This post name is something of a misnomer, …

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Nik’s “Amp’d” Sweet Potato Pie

Don’t mind the browned crust. Me and my oven are going through a divorce. Sniff… “Well, it looks like regular sweet potato pie…” Holds plate closer to nose and sniffs again. “Smells like it too…” Pokes with finger then tastes fingertip. “C’mon, Nikki, what’d you do to it? You wouldn’t be asking me to taste it if you didn’t do …

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