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Leftovers Week: Vegetable & Turkey Casserole

~~posted by Jen First and Foremost, a big Happy Birthday to Nik, our resident “Pouch Diva.” She is taking a couple days off to enjoy her birthday, so y’all are stuck with me for the weekend. Nik, party it up, girl! We love you!! Left to Right: Nessa, Nik, and Andrea. The guy in front is some random wedding guest …

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Leftovers Week: Nik’s Corn, Okra and Tomato (WLS style!)

~by Nikki  Ok, so by now you shouldn’t have too many “leftover” leftovers…as in, stuff you cooked on Thanksgiving. We hope you’ve checked out our recipes so far, made some or have just frozen your stash for late in the winter when you are too weary from shoveling snow to cook. Then you can just pop your leftovers in …

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Leftovers Week: Nik’s Swirly Stuffing Barbecue Meatloaf

First off, I should say…and this is not to brag but…I make the best damn stuffing in the world. I got the recipe from my mother who got it from her mother who got it from HER mother who…well, I don’t know where she got it from but it’s good! For those who attended the Holiday Preview or who ordered …

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BF Basics: Making Stock

~~posted by Jen Veggie pieces hit the stock pot Leftovers week continues, so today I’m sharing an easy way to make stock. This is a terrific use for all those leftover vegetable stems and pieces, plus it utilizes the bones from your turkey, chicken, or beef. This is more the basic “method” for making stock, not so much an actual …

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Leftovers Week: Jen’s Mediterranean Vegetables with Turkey

~~posted by Jen Today’s feature for Leftovers Week is turkey. We probably all still have some hanging around. My boys and I loved the Gobble It Down Pizza so much on Sunday that I made it again last night. You can substitute leftover chicken breast for the turkey and it’s just as yummy. Later today I’ll share the BF Basics of …

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Leftovers Week: Jen’s Gobble It Down Pizza

~~posted by Jen By the Sunday after Thanksgiving, your family is probably moaning and groaning about still having to eat turkey sandwiches (mine already is) so you need to use up all that food but make it look and taste different, right? That’s where we come in with Leftovers Week. Starting tomorrow, Nik and I will share two recipes with …

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