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Foodie Fitness Corner: How to Go From Frumpy To Fabulous at the Gym

By Hillery Kelly Most people would agree that workout clothing should be comfortable and functional.  But while I was at the gym the other day, I started to wonder, is there such a thing as TOO comfortable?  Is there a point where you surpass the comfort “okay” mark and enter into the frumpy category?   Now you might ask yourself, …

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Foodie Fitness Corner: Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Workout Review

Bob Harper’s Contoured Kettlebell and Workout DVD by Hillery Kelly Despite non-op opinions to the contrary, luck doesn’t get you very far after weight loss surgery. It’s a combined effort: working our new tool, changing our mindset —  and, of course, physical activity.  We here at Foodie News want to make starting an activity routine  a little bit less daunting …

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Foodie Fitness Corner: The Ever Evolving Love of Exercise

(Check last month’s article: A Whole New You: Setting & Keeping Your Goals in 2013 The Ever Evolving Love for Exercise by Hillery Kelly Let’s be real: many weight loss surgery patients aren’t hard wired to love exercise. Maybe you once loved it. Maybe you want to love it. Or maybe, like me, you had to learn to love it. From what I’ve …

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Foodie Fitness Review: BodyMedia Fit Advantage

That’s me and my BodyMedia Fit! Hello Foodie Nation!  This month’s article is going to be a tad bit different than my past ones. Instead of reviewing a kind of workout, I’m going to review a “workout companion” that I’ve used over the past 8 months and love — my BodyMedia Fit Advantage! You all might remember Nik is giving everyonewho orders …

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Foodie Fitness Corner: Nik’s Review of the Body Pump Workout

(Check out last month’s article: Hillery’s Guide to Spin Class!)  Nik’s Guide to Body Pump Body Pump. What the heck is it? And how exactly (outside the realm of our pre-pubescent perverted thoughts) does one pump one’s body? Well I’m here to break it all down for you. Because as intimidating as this class may look, it’s not that bad. Well…not …

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