Foodie Fitness Corner: Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Workout Review

Bob Harper’s Contoured Kettlebell and Workout DVD
by Hillery Kelly

Despite non-op opinions to the contrary, luck doesn’t get you very far after weight loss surgery. It’s a combined effort: working our new tool, changing our mindset —  and, of course, physical activity.  We here at Foodie News want to make starting an activity routine  a little bit less daunting for you.
Because in reality, fear of the unknown can be a strong deterrent to trying something new. Most of the time you can do it, you just need to know what “it” is! So this month, we’re demystifying kettlebells.
Bob Harper, of NBC’s  television series The Biggest Loser, has endorsed a contour kettlebell and training DVD developed by GoFitThe contoured kettlebell is ergonomically designed to wrap around the wrist and forearm and provides a much more comfortable user experience. These kettlebells range in weight from 7lbs-45lbs with a price range of $30-$85, which includes a 30-minute workout DVD, designed and performed by Bob. 
For those wondering “What the heck are kettlebells?” here’s the lowdown.  Kettlebells are cast-iron weights that are a little bit smaller than a bowling ball have  a single-looped handle on top.  They first became popular in Eastern Europe  in the 1700’s but started appearing in American workouts in the 1960s.
The awesome thing about kettlebells is that they encourage functional, whole body conditioning.  Lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, (especially the core) to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. 
Because kettelbells engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, they ‘re a great way to get a complete workout in minimal time.  That’s why,  about a year ago, I purchased Bob’s 15 lb. contoured kettlebell and DVD and instantly fell in love.
Bob’s kettlebell is less bulky than traditional ones and has a slimmer, sleeker design that makes for an easier, tighter grip. This was the perfect introduction to kettlebell training for me.  If you’ve only seen Bob’s Biggest Loser style workouts, this is not the same. The DVD features just him and one other young lady and you feel like you’re right in the room with them, complete with Bob’s straightforward approach, which I love.
As with any strength workout, you can injure yourself with kettlebells if you have back or shoulder issues or a weak core. The key to preventing injuries is to start with a low weight, use good form (which Bob covers in the DVD) and progress slowly. In the DVD you’ll go over the basic kettlebell maneuvers such as swings and squats.
Since my initial purchase, I’ve graduated to using between 16 – 20 kg. (36-52 lb.) kettlebells. If you’re looking for a good, at-home, total body workout that fits easily in your schedule (30 minutes start to finish!), l HIGHLY recommend this DVD.  It’s great for beginners and gives you room to improve as you get stronger. All in all, this is a great workout that you can do!
From now on I’ll include an overall grade summary for the workouts I review. I hope it’s helpful in motivating you to try the workouts!
Workout Level
Overall Impressions
Final Grade

Did Hillery’s review convince you? Here’s where you can buy!

About the Author:  Hillery is a year post-op (gastric bypass). She is a chemist and environmental engineer residing in the suburbs of the Nation’s capital….a country girl at heart turned city slicker! She fully admits to being addicted to makeup, skin care, hair creams, soaps, lotions, and potions of all price ranges…an equal opportunity product junkie with a special passion and love for lipstick.  Read about her makeup addition, product reviews, and anything worth dishing about in the world of beauty at

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