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BF Review: Oscar Meyer Sandwich Combos

You know how some people sleep on flights? Others play on their laptops or read a book. I do magazines. Food magazines. Lots and lots of food magazines. That’s most often where I get inspiration for the things on this blog. I look at that food and I wonder what I could do to make it healthier/lower cal/more WLS-friendly. Anyhoo, …

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BF Family Style: Healthy(er) Lasagna

Try though she did, La Grand Diva does not like modified lasagna. I’ve tried replacing the noodles with zucchini, with eggplant, just leaving them out and doing a lasagna skillet – all to no avail. When it comes to lasagna, the child is a purist. Recently she went on a four day outdoor adventure trip with her class. Upon her …

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BF Family Style: Nik’s “Winner, Winner” Pork Chop Dinner

The dark complexion is no accident. I actually like my food darn near burned, but that’s my issue…  Oven fried porkchops. Nothing new, right? Shake ‘n Bake has had this on lock a looooong time, right? Believe it or not, there’s still room to make this just a bit more WLS-friendly. How? That trick I taught you guys about …

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BF Family Style: Easy Cheesy Chicken & Brocolli Penne

Pssst…pledgers? Have you submitted your week 2 pledge yet? If not, go do it now! I’ll wait…  Remember the other day when I posted Creamy Brocolli &Cheese soup and how I told you that it also makes a great pasta sauce for the family? Well, I made this the other night for the divas and they absolutely LOVED it. Pasta and …

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BF Family Style: Nik’s Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

 We’ve begun to post kid-friendly recipes, but not very many things geared toward the whole family. My family is my kids and I, but I realize some of you have hungry spouses who want to eat well too. My kids and I used to be McDonald’s fanatics before surgery (I stopped being one when I read “Fast Food Nation,” the divas …

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