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PB&B Greek Yogurt

Disclaimer: Blue Diamond provided almonds for use in this blog post. The opinions stated in this blog post are the unbiased opinions of its author.  I’ll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to shame me for it. Part of why I like to work out is because I like workout recovery food. There, I said …

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From the BF Barbecue: Wanda’s Berry Almond Quinoa Salad

So…quinoa was representing up in the barbecue! Although I must admit I’d never had it with fruit before. Julia’s Jerk Shrimp & Caribbean Quinoa also had fruit. I guess I need to play with my food, eh? Wanda says she got her recipe from this website. The only change Wanda made was to use sliced almonds. Otherwise, she stuck to …

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No-Flour Almond Butter Cookies

Many folks shy away from playing with cookie recipes because they are something of a science experiment. Cookies need to have the right balance of starch, fat, flavoring and levening agents to form into the perfectly simple deliciousness that we know as a cookie. But really it isn’t all that complicated. Take these almond cookies. They use no flour. They …

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