Super-Easy, No-Fail Protein Hot Tea (featuring BiPro Protein Water)


Omigosh. Guys.

No, seriously. GUYS.

Do you know how long I’ve been looking for a fast and easy way to make protein hot tea?

(No, you probably don’t. Because you have lives.)

Nearly nine years, folks. That’s nearly a decade of longing and hoping and wishing that making something as simple as a cup of tea infused with protein wasn’t so…involved.

Because freal, freal…it is. I mean, don’t get me wrong. My method for making hot protein drinks works like a charm every time, but I use that mostly for things like coffee or cocoa, where there’d ordinarily be a few steps to get it to taste exactly as I want it to taste.

But tea? Usually tea is a very quick set-up for me: boil water, drop in tea bag, sweeten, and go! The only time it is more involved is if I am in a situation where there’s no decaf tea. In those instances (and, by the way, tip), I steep the tea bag in about an ounce or two of boiled water for about 15-20 seconds. Ditch that water, refill, re-steep and what I have is approximately 97% caffeine-free tea! (Seriously…you can look that up…tea bags release most of their caffeine in those first 15-20 seconds.)


Usually, however, tea is an easy thing to make. But with protein? Not so much! Firstly, there’s the whole tempering the protein deal. Then there’s the fact that most protein powders are going to leave your tea…cloudy. Which I guess is ok if you are a “milk in your tea” kind of person. I am not. I like clear tea. Call me neurotic, but that’s who I am – and I like myself that way!

S’anyway…this summer I was all excited about BiPro Protein Water cuz…well…it’s good! (Check out my video review here.) But then, as it usually happens, I begin to wonder how I can play with the product and get even more use out of it. So here’s how the process works in my head.

BiPro Protein Water = Water. So you should be able to replace water with BiPro protein water and it will be ok, right? That was my hypothesis. I didn’t capture the experiment phase on camera, but my first hurdle was to figure out if you could boil the stuff. You can. But that isn’t necessarily the fastest or most convenient way to do this. So next, I turned to my trusty microwave oven. One minute and 45 seconds later, I had piping hot BiPro Protein Water! (By the way, if you do this…make sure your mug is microwave safe, mkay? Trust me when I say you don’t want to know why I am giving you that warning!) And to answer the question in your minds…no…nothing curdled. There were no rubbery/floaty anythings. Just clear, hot protein water.


From there, all I had to do is steep and go! I didn’t even need to sweeten it (which, for me, is saying something because I sweeten everything). For this post, I went with a super-safe flavor combo: Peach Power Protein Water + Peach Perfect Bigelow tea. Which was good. But here are a few other pairings I really liked:

  • Lemon Lift Protein Water + Peach herbal tea
  • Lemon Lift Protein Water + Mint tea
  • Peach Power Protein Water + Chamomile tea
  • Peach Power Protein Water + Rooibos tea

Now one thing I do have to give you a heads up about. The BiPro Waters do have a dry finish. My youngest daughter says it’s like when you eat Greek yogurt…that dry feeling in your mouth. Here’s where I stand with that. Yeah, that can be a bit displacing. However. On the days when my stomach has revolted, I need protein, and the thought of a chocolate-y/vanilla-y/creamy something or other is decidedly un-appealing to me? This was super comforting.

So…if you are in possession of some BiPro Protein Water…give it a try! For the record, here is the official method to make it.

Step One: Pour BiPro Protein Water of your choice into a microwave-safe mug. Microwave on high until hot (this will vary by microwave, but for me it was about 1:45)

Step Two: Add your favorite tea bag. Steep for about a minute before extracting the tea bag. (Or not, if you like really strong tea. The longer the steep, the stronger the tea.)

Step Three: Add anything else you like. Like I said, I didn’t need to sweeten mine, but you might! Also things like mint leaves would probably go great, depending on your flavor combo.

So there you have it folks. Super-easy, no-fail protein hot tea! Thank you, BiPro, for making this possible!



  1. Where can I get the bi pro water? At the regular grocery store or is this a specialty product?