Super Bowl Eats Post-WLS

It’s Super Bowl Sunday…and I know you…all of you. You’ve gone and made your family and friends wonderfully yummy treats to eat during the big game but…have you made anything that is yummy that YOU can feel good about eating?

Or did you resign yourself to “going with the flow” or “just having a few bites” (which, I dunno about you, but for me that never works out. Even when my pouch capacity was tiny, I usually spent the whole time miserable and grumpy that I couldn’t eat more)? Worse, have you decided to go with a protein shake??? (Not that protein shakes are bad, but c’mon! It’s Super Bowl Sunday!)

I’m here to help with some quick and easy food YOU can eat for the big game and still stay on track. Many require things you already have in your kitchen. At the very least, a quick run to the store might be in order.
So how about some…
Thought you couldn’t have them, didn’t you? Well check out this recipe for great, protein packed nachos!

Buffalo Chicken:
Deviled Eggs:

Except I don’t like to be devilish. So try my Angelic Eggs instead (and…to put another twist on them….use tuna instead of chicken!)

Jane’s Spicy Creamy Jalapeno Dip

I know you love to dip! Check out this yummy crab dip. If you like it hot, check out Jane’s spicy jalapeno dip, or Jen’s Cuban sandwich spread!

Who needs sliders when you can have Magic Meatballs? And don’t worry if you don’t have any TVP. The recipe works just fine without it!
Sweet Treats

There’s still time to make a Reese’s Cup protein frozen pie for when your sweet tooth starts aching. Or perhaps a pumpkin cheesecake protein trifle might fit the bill?
So, go and make yourself something good! You deserve it. And I’m willing to bet that your protein treats will steal the show at your football party!
Super Bowl Eats Post-WLS
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Super Bowl Eats Post-WLS
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  1. We don't have a Trader Joe's here, but I found some flax seed tortilla chips that seem similar (finally), and so I am totally ready to get my nachos on! I also am throwing some chicken into the crockpot with some Frank's Red Hot and making shredded buffalo-style chicken (come to think of it, that would be really good on some nachos…

    Thanks, as always, for the great ideas. I'm bummed I missed your first "goal week," But I'm putting it on my calendar to check in tomorrow to start week 2. 🙂

    The Babe

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