Sugar-free, low(er) carb coconut macaroons

by Nikki

Ok, so let me run down my theory about cookies. They are not evil. They’re not the devil incarnate. They were not put on this earth to destroy me. HOWEVER, they are very easy to overeat. So I have cookie rules:

  1. Nik only eats sugar-free cookies (an obvious one)
  2. Nik only eats cookies in the presence of others (no squirreling the cookies)
  3. After Nik gets her pre-determined portion of cookies she gives the rest away very, very quickly

Such was the case last week. I was going to OH Conference in Cincinatti and I promised to make my friend Pam some sugar-free coconut macaroons. This is one recipe I don’t have to worry about overdoing. Firstly, the divas LOVE macaroons so I barely get one when I make them. Secondly, I have finally come up with a recipe that yields an amount that isn’t hard to get rid of. I have two, I bag some up for the girls lunches and away we go!

So it occurs to me as you all are beginning to pack up school lunches for your kids, this might be a good option. I try to feed my kids good food but they want dessert like every other kid. So why not make it healthy and yummy?

Nik’s Coconut Macaroons


2 c. unsweetened shredded coconut (I get mine from the Amish…but you can also find it online. Most storebought brands are sweetened – read the label!)
1/8 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. Carbquik
1/2 c. Splenda
1/2 c. sugar-free chocolate chips
1/2 c. liquid egg substitute
3-4 pumps of your favorite sugar free syrup (I used Davinci sugar-free French Vanilla)


This is the world’s SIMPLEST cookie recipe.

Throw everything in a bowl. Mix it together. Lump onto little piles on a sprayed cookie sheet (mixture will be loose). Bake at 350 for about 12 minutes, or until the coconut is nicely browned. Transfer to a cooling rack.

Ok…so reality time. While these cookies are lower carb (from using only half the chocolate chips and using Carbquik instead of flour), coconuts have a good bit of fat in them. So can I say it enough? MODERATION! If you have cookie rules, employ them! If you can’t handle having cookies around, my feelings won’t be hurt if you refrain from making these. K?

Alright, now for those of us with kids heading back to school next week, let’s count down: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR!!!!

Sugar-free, low(er) carb coconut macaroons
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Sugar-free, low(er) carb coconut macaroons
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  1. Unlike Nikki… I do not have a problem eating sugar free macaroons in private, by myself, without sharing with anyone else. So when I got a beautiful tin of these delicious babies… I ate them alone and savored every amazing morsel of their goodness.

  2. I love your rules! They are reasonable and allow you to indulge. I can't wait to try these!

  3. My absolute favoritest cookie! Thank you soooo much for posting this! Now…still looking for a copy cat recipe for Caribou's Milk Chocolate Spicy Mocha! Are you up for the challenge?!

  4. Super good cookies. Made them with 2 eggs and the dough came together easily and baked up very nice. Nikki, followed your Cookie Rules and gave half away or I definitely would have eaten them all. Great recipe!!

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