Soup Week Cook Along Shopping List

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OK, y’all, here we go! Soup Week has officially begun and our Cook Along Contest starts tomorrow! Double check the Top 5 Soup-Making Essentials to make sure you’re geared up, then peruse the BF Basics of Soup-Making in case you missed it this morning. Now, are you ready?

As promised, here’s our downloadable shopping list, and it’s separated by recipe, listed in the order they will be posted. That way if you only want to cook a couple of our recipes, you won’t be left with lots of extra ingredients you don’t need, AND you’ll know when you need them.

Most of the ingredients are pretty standard and easy to find, but there are a couple you may have a hard time with. For the Butternut Squash Soup, I sometimes have a hard time finding Herbs de Provence, but you can substitute dried Thyme if you can’t find any.

Not exactly the same effect (Herbs de Provence has thyme, savory, fennel, basil, and lavender with thyme being the predominant flavor), but close enough. As long as Bobby Flay isn’t coming to dinner, no one will notice. If he is, you better invite us over or we’ll be mad!

A couple of my recipes call for Goya Sofrito, this can be found with the Latin Foods on the International/Ethnic Foods aisle. It’s made by Goya, my stores all have big Goya displays, and it comes in a glass jar. Those are the only 2 ingredients that come to my mind that may be hard to find, except for maybe the grated ginger for the Carrot Ginger soup.

 The grated ginger you can address one of 2 ways, buy a small piece of ginger in the produce section and grate it yourself, or some stores carry it already grated in either the produce or spice aisles.

 I know the fresh pieces of ginger can be pretty big, but they keep for MONTHS in the freezer. Just break off what you need, put the rest in a freezer bag, and toss it in the freezer. If you have questions about an ingredient or a possible substitution, hit us up!

We asked what YOU wanted to be the prize for the Contest, and by an overwhelming margin, y’all chose protein samples as the prize! So protein samples it is! Get to the store, load up your cart, and let’s get cookin!

If you’re making the recipe for Sunday, Jen’s Chili, make sure you read the announcement about night-before prep! We can’t wait to see what our awesome readers come up with this week!

Soup Week Cook Along Shopping List
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Soup Week Cook Along Shopping List
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