Jackie’s “Smiling Belly” Salad

Hey friends. Sorry for the lag time between posts. Pouch Party(TM) seems to have been DISCOVERED (hence the fact that I have been ordered…erm, instructed to use the damn trademark symbol whenever referencing it). I’ll post a rundown of booked parties next week so that folks don’t miss out on the fun and, as always, if you want Pouch Party(TM) (<—gah, that’s gonna take some getting used to!!!) to come to you, hit us up!

Moving right along…

Here at BF, we love to hear what our fellow pouchers are up to in the kitchen. It is our sincere hope that this blog serves as inspiration for each of you to go out and create your own culinary masterpieces. Some folks even feel inspired to share those masterpieces with us.

One such person is our good friend Jackie. She’s in the early stages of her journey and wrote to us yesterday to share a great recipe she came up. The name alone makes it a rock star recipe but check out how many ways she’s got protein going in here. It moved my heart. I dunno if we inspired her to do this at all, but people? Get your protein!!!

Anyhoo…without further adieu…here’s Jackie’s message:
Hey Nik:

Like you I LOVE to cook! Now that I am a post op RNY too, I will be experimenting. Here is a gift for you, something I made the other day and it has sat with my pouch really well! Feel free to use it, change it up, whatever. Peace and have a great week !

Smiling Belly Salmon Salad

1 small can salmon (red or pink) do NOT drain liquid or bones.
2-3 TBS of NO-Fat Mayo
1-2 TBS of cottage cheeze
Salt/pepper/ to taste (I also like to use CURRY powder! YUM!)

Mix salmon and mush it good with a fork. Just mixing vigorously with a fork will make it the right consistency. Add your Mayo and Cottage cheese, mix some more. Add spices mix some more.

For NEWLY post Ops (In stage 2-3) you can just eat it as is. Contains a good 31 grams of Protein and no carbs! For those who can eat regular food you can add this mixture to some salad greens or maybe a low carb bread or cracker or tortilla.

Curry or spicy Salsa or Thai/Korean spice can give this quite a kick if you don’t like “bland” fishy flavor.

(Notes: This is Bariatric Friendly for stage 2+, basically as long as you can have pureed foods.) Below is the nutrition facts for a 3 oz serving.

Protein: 31 grams!
Carbs: 0
Sugars: 7g (This is from the nofat cottage cheese)
Calories: 165



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