Pre-Op Kit

The Bariatric Foodie Pre-Op Prep Kit

So here’s the deal. My surgeon told me what I needed to do to prepare for surgery.

He told me how many grams of protein I’d need to eat a day, how much water I should drink and what foods I could eat when.

But what I needed…what I really needed…was someone to tell me HOW to do those things. How do I get all that protein if I can’t eat that much? What habits will I need to adopt to be successful? What do I bring in my hospital bag? How do I get my family to help me prepare for surgery? What are all the supplies I’ll need?

And how do I get to surgery day without having a complete meltdown?!?!

Breathe…you’re covered! You’re a member of the Foodie Nation. That means you have the experience of thousands of post-ops at your disposal. And for you…especially for you…I have put together their best advice for preparing for and adjusting to post-op life, along with some easy make-ahead recipes for your family and for you in your first days and weeks.

You’ve got enough on your mind right now. Let me take some of the stress out of preparing for surgery!

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