Tony H.’s Peanut Butter Crepes

Hey kids! This is the first in a series of guest posts we’re doing over here at BF. Cuz we’re not the only ones with good ideas or inspiration to share! This one comes from Tony H. our Zumba-loving, Click-drinking friend from OH. Tony wrote to me about this recipe and at first I was lukewarm. He has since convinced me of its nominousness. He was MUCH more modest in the titling on his blog, simply calling the post “Peanut Butter Crepes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese.” But doesn’t Peanut Butter Love Haze sound positively purple (purple to me = Zen).

S’anyway out at his blog “The Shrinking Titan” and if you make this recipe, holla! I am still on PB restriction so I’d LOVE to know how it tastes. So without further adieu..heeeeeere’s TONY!

Excuse me while I type this… I’m suffering from after glow right now…

I just made the most nomalicious dish. I’m stuffed, I’m satisfied, and if I didn’t make it myself I’d feel guilty.

Before you say “OMG I can’t make crepes… wtf are you thinking child!” Trust me… you CAN do it. You WANT to do it… Your carb deprived stomach is singing a chorus of Natural Blues begging you to make some of this. (AND THIS IS PRETTY MUCH A NO CARB CREPE!)

First of all… you MUST use a non stick pan (the ones with the nice black teflon coating.. not the shiny silver ones) You need to get it hot first (medium heat) and you need to spray it down with cooking spray every time you make a new crepe.

My friend sent me this recipe (his skinny ass keeps on a low carb diet)

I vamped it a tad bit for my liking

1 Egg
6 egg whites (I used 1 cup of egg whites from a carton)1/2 tsp vanilla (um… I used 2 tsps)
1 1/4 TBL Splenda
2 TBL all-natural peanut butter, creamy (I used 2 TBL of kroger crunchy peanut butter)

Mix up your eggs with a blender or a strong wrist held whisk until they are all emulsified and foamy

Mix in the vanilla, splenda, and peanut butter (not sure how, but the peanut butter does dissolve nicely… if you’re paranoid about the nuts and you used crunchy, you might want to run this mixture through a strainer)

Again, Hot non-stick pan sprayed down..

Less is more with crepes… gently coat the pan with a thin layer of crepe mix. (If you screw up, so what, it’s part of the learning process… you can still eat it, it just won’t be pretty… your tummy won’t care)

Let the crepe cook for about a minute… If you did it perfectly you probably won’t have to flip it because it will have cooked through.. if not, go ahead and flip it and let it cook for about 30 seconds more.

Now… about that flipping thing… If you sprayed the pan down well enough you might luck out and be able to flip it in the pan with a flip of the wrist… (like in the cartoons!) Otherwise I suggest using a pair of tongs and a flipper to flip it (again… practice young padawan)

Now that you have your first warm and delicious peanut butter crepe goodness… you’re ready to top it!

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Filling

4 oz fat freecream cheese (1/2 block)
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 vanilla extract
1 1/2 TBL splenda

Mix that goodness up nice and smooth and slap it on your warm crepe.

It’s enough to make you wanna slap yo mama

I was only able to eat one of these (GOD I LOVE FOODS THAT FILL ME UP!!!!)

I put the rest in a baggy and plan to make another later. This time I’m going to blend up some blackberries that I have in the fridge, boil them down with some splenda, and top my crepe.

(fruit is always being boiled down with splenda in my house… you can turn anything into dessert ith a little fruit sauce!)

I don’t think I’ve ever shared a recipe on here.. but this one was just so surprisingly good that I had to share!

Shown above with a dab of whipped cream, mint, and cinnamon/splenda powder.

Tony H.'s Peanut Butter Crepes
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Tony H.'s Peanut Butter Crepes
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