BF Top 5: Favorite Magazines for Recipes!

The cheesecake is coming. I swear it is. I had a camera malfunction and I’ve been trying to find someone with a camera that takes memory sticks so that I can just get the pics uploaded. Then a lightbulb went off (ding!). I can do that at Wal-Mart and have them e-mail me the ruddy things! So that’s what I’m gonna do. So it’s coming!

In the meantime I thought I’d discuss inspiration a little bit. Because folks ask a lot “how the hell did you come up with that idea?” I don’t always bore you with that stuff on the blog but one BIG source of inspiration for me is magazines. So, in true Dave Letterman style, here are the top 5 magazines that inspire me (this is Nik btw…BF is a two woman operation and we are going to get better at letting you know who the hell is talking to you on a given day…)

In no particular order:

Food Network Magazine – This one is a BIG inspiration to me. Not necessarily for directly applicable stuff but I am of the mind that ANYTHING can be made WLS-friendly if you are open minded enough. This also gives me good ideas of quick and healthy weeknight and cook-ahead meals.

Cooking Light – for obvious reasons. But non-ops have different priorities than us so these recipes tend to run a bit heavier on carbs than I’d recommend for us. But hands down I have learned about the existence of more veggies and fruits from this magazine than any other.

Everyday with Rachael Ray– I find people either love or hate her. Her voice kinda grates, it’s true, but dammit she makes a meal in 30 minutes. Which keeps me on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. So I cannot, in good faith, hate her.

Better Homes and Gardens – funny thing I learned about my own tendencies from watching my kids. BH&G comes every month and my kids immediately flip to the Table of Contents like “where’s the food stuff?” ‘Nuff said.

Real Simple – because…well…it’s real simple. Great recipes and organization advice. Now ask me if I use the organization advice…

So those are just a few that get the old juices flowing. Ideas come from  all over the place though. I love when ideas come from YOU.

I am going to do another vote on the next recipe soon. The response to the last one just touched our little food obsessed hearts. So look for that. But first…cheesecake!