The “Official” Triple X method post

I needed one central place for the Triple X method to be so I could link back when the need arises. So here it is kids…(doesn’t this feel like when you’re in the car and you started singing “99 Bottles of Beer on the wall” and you get to 92 bottles and you are SO over it?)

Nik’s Triple X method to perfect triple thick shakes every time

Step 1: Load your blender with your liquid base (this assumes milk. It works to thicken water based shakes but it never quite achieves “triple thick” status), protein, and any flavor additives (sugar-free syrup, pudding mix, Splenda, whatever. But not frozen fruit yet).

Step 2: Turn your blender on.

Step 3: Walk away for two minutes. Yes two whole minutes. Trust me this works. Go write a check (preferably to me…kidding…kinda…), check your voicemail, check your e-mail. JUST GO DO SOMETHING FOR TWO MINUTES.

Step 4: Turn blender off. If it has gone long enough you should get a phenomena that I call “Gurgle Pop” wherein a very large air bubble comes to the surface and bursts. The shake will already be thick and creamy looking but it’s not totally there yet.

Step 5: To get it triple thick you gotta add some ice. How much is up to you. I add ice until 2 cubes break the surface of the liquid. But I drink freakishly large protein shakes. So if you have smaller pouch capacity than me (and 98.7% of you do), play around with your amounts and find what works best for you.

Step 6: Blend again on ice crushing mode until your blender begins to purr like a kitten (mmmmm…that thought makes me sleepy…).

Step 7: Pour in glass. Add whippage or anything else as you see fit. Live. Love. Be happy.



-Two minutes is a LONG time in blending time. If you have other people in the house who are sleeping and, if you like me have a blender that rivals a jackhammer in decibel power, you might want to plan your escape route before starting this process (shout out to kilmarlic on OH for that tip)

-As I said before, but bears repeating, your shake will be large. Make accommodations! Perhaps go back to that fateful day in kindergarden when your teacher taught you the “s” word…(share, people, share!!! What kinda kindergarden teachers did YOU have?)


  1. You're so uberly awesome!!! Thanks! I'm gonna try this tonight 🙂

  2. 🙂 I love the way your personality comes thru in your writing. Thanks for the great info and the laughs!

  3. What's whippage ?

  4. Foodie slang for "whipped cream"

  5. It doesn't come out foamy, does it? Foam is a deal breaker for me.

  6. Dawne,

    Nope, it incorporates the foam to make it into a triple thick shake. Now if you don't like triple thick shakes that's something to take into consideration. But no…no foam.

  7. Can you use the Nutribullet for this?

  8. Yep! The smaller the blender the better it works in fact!

  9. I love that my husband is already gone when I make mine

  10. Do you add frozen fruit when you add ice cubes?

  11. I'm not a big fruit person but yes, you would add frozen anything at the time you add ice. 🙂

  12. This may just solve my shake frustrations. I love love love triple thick shakes and copiuos amounts of ice but it used to be a missiion. I thought I should crush the ice first. Then it stuck together again as I added other ingredients. Your method will work with water too since it's the protein making the froth (the NEW egg white analogy) for the thickening.

  13. Does this help with the protein smell? I'm having such a hard time with the smell of any type or brand of protein!!

  14. what if a person can't tolerate cold shakes? I try to warm mine up but they don't really work

  15. Hey there anonymous. I got ya covered! Here's how to make a smooth, lump-free hot protein drink:

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