Nik’s Hunger Games – Day Four

I may sound like a broken record but so what…I AM SO GLAD THIS IS OVER TOMORROW!!!

But I am also SO glad I did it.

Here’s yesterday’s report. Tonight I will go through some of the things I have learned about my long-term post-op eating from doing this challenge. I’ve gained a lot of insight.

Also, I wanted to share a neat game I found. It gives you a glimpse of the tough choices you have to make when you are one of America’s urban poor. Check it out. After you’ve played post what day you made it to. I suck. I only made it 8 days. Boo.


  1. I made it to day 21, but I am a very mean mom.

  2. I made it through the entire month, but only had $308 left and rent was due.

    I remember the days well of living off pasta and PB & J because I couldn't afford groceries. the monthly trips to the food bank were devastating. self esteem = 0 and not being able to get a job, because i couldn't afford transportation to interviews. managed to always keep a roof over my head, but came close to living in my car a few times.

  3. I made it through the month with $581 but the rent was due & payday had better be the next day.

  4. made it to day 30

  5. I made it through the end of the month but my mother of the year award won't be coming this year.

    Sometime life throws you curve balls and you just gotta keep swinging hoping to hit something. I am just glad my son knows I do my VERY Best to make sure he has what he needs and doesn't go without, so if I tell him no – he understands I must have a reason.

    Posted the link to my FB page asking my friends how many days they made it… Will be interesting to see the results…

  6. I made it all the way to the end of the month, but the carbs….oh the horror. Between beans, ramen, and spaghetti…..I feel stuffed already.

    I've also dealt with the needing dental care and not being able to afford it. Ended up with breathing difficulties and rushed to local e.r. then rushed to st. Lukes in houston.

    I have spent too much of my life living this way.

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