Mini-Caramel Cream Cakes

Ok, so I’m not into recipe plagiarism so in the interest of FULL disclosure I’ll say this is a total Hungry Girl knock-off. Not that there was anything wrong with HG’s version but…it wasn’t exactly WLS-friendly. I mean…who could eat that whole thing??? Well maybe some can. But for a good many of us it is a stretch.

Plus adapting this was SO easy, I hesitate to even call it a recipe. But here goes.

Mini-Caramel Cream Cakes


8 mini-caramel rice cakes (the kind I used had a serving size of 15 for 60 calories, 4g carbs so for what I used was just over 30 calories!)

2 tbsp whipped cream (I used Fit & Active fat-free whipped topping)

A few shakes of cinnamon

Optional: a little bit of kosher salt (I’ll explain in a moment)

Step One:

Mix whipped topping with cinnamon in a cup. How much you mix depends on how much you like cinnamon. Don’t like cinnamon? You can omit it and instead add some unsweetened cocoa powder or even PB2 and I bet this would still be AWESOME!

Line up 4 of your 8 cakes on a plate. Top each with 1/2 tbsp of the whippage.

NOW…if you’re into bariatric piety you can simply top them at this point BUT if you, like me, have a slight naughty streak…add just a few crystals of kosher salt before topping with the other mini-caramel cake. TRUST ME on this one…it is soooo worth it.

Now, pop them in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes or so (or until they are firm but not a block of ice) and you come out with a bite size, crunchy, hella-satisfying dessert that is WELL below 100 calories.

Thank you Hungry Girl for the inspiration!

Mini-Caramel Cream Cakes
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Mini-Caramel Cream Cakes
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  1. Ok, I am waiting for the day I can try these!!

  2. these sound awesome, I can't wait to try them !!

  3. Hey Nik……can you come over for a sec and watch my kids. I gotta run to the store and get some mini rice cakes! These looks awesome!


    These sound so good, wonder if it would be yummy frozen like a wls friendly ice cream sandwich?

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