Meatless Fridays: Vegetarian Breakfast Tostada

Ah…Lent…it brings out the vegetarian in me for sure! I notice, though, that lately I’ve not eaten a lot of meat on any day of the week. Dairy? Yes. Meat? Not so much. That could have something to do with the fact that I have an extremely high maintenance pouch. Meat has to be cooked just right or it gets rejected y’all. The other day my mom made the most indulgent looking meatloaf. Three bites in I could tell it wasn’t going to work. Ah well…I guess I was made for meatless Fridays.

I made an awesome discovery at Aldi’s the other day. Fit and Active Multi-Grain wraps. These things are yummy, have good stats and they beat the cost of Flat-Out wraps hands down! Good news for this bitch on a budget! (I have been trying to work that term into a sentence FOREVER! Yay!)

So this breakfast tostada is quite wonderful. I will be eating it on meatless Friday atop a Fit and Active wrap. Not sure how much of it I will be able to eat although the wonders of the wonder pouch never cease.

Nik’s Vegetarian Breakfast Tostada

1 low-carb tortilla (I like La Tortilla Factory’s the best for stats – 50 calories and 3 net grams of carbs! You can’t beat that! Be sure to get the taco sized thought)

1/4 c. fat-free refried beans

1/4 c. textured vegetable protein  (if you are saying to yourself, “what’s that?” click here), reconstituted in water mixed with 1 tbsp taco spice

1/4 c. low-fat shredded Mexican blend cheese

2 tablespoons unflavored Greek style yogurt

2 tablespoons medium salsa


Lay your tortilla out on a sprayed cookie sheet. Spread on an even layer of beans, then add the TVP, then add the cheese. Bake in a 350 oven for 10 minutes or until the tortilla is browned at the edges and the cheese is all melty. Top with yogurt and salsa.

This get the Nik “hell yeah” seal of approval. Two yums from the divas and an emphatic “woof” from the puppy. So I am confident in telling you it is good!


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