Kumquat karma…

I have always considered myself a fairly…eclectic eater, even pre-op. I ate foods from many different regions. I loved my naan and my Injera bread, my hummus and babaganoush, my quinoa and my risotto, my falafel and my sushi (notice these are all carbs…). But post-op I’s interesting how many foods I’ve tried that I have never, ever had before. And when I talk about them, folks who have eaten them get tickled. It’s like a journey of new discovery!

Well today I had that experience. I ate…a kumquat.

First I have to acknowledge my inner 12 year-old who giggles every time I say…kumquat. Because it doesn’t sound like a tasty fruit. It sounds like something inappropriate that you do in your nether regions. Yes, that was juvenile. But I had to get it out before going any further so as not to mess up what could be a very informational post.

So here’s what it looks like:

My friend Liz gives me one at the office today. And it looks like a large grape with an orange peel on it.

“Do I peel it?” I ask.

“Nope…just pop it in your mouth whole.”

“REALLY?” says I, incredulous.

I wasn’t sure. I have trust issues with non-ops giving me things and especially with regards to fruit. Some fruit I am fine with. Some of it jacks me up. I decided what the heck though. When was the next time I’d have the opportunity to eat something called a kumquat? (snicker…snicker…)

So I pop it in my mouth whole and chew. I was expecting the skin to be tough but it gave way pretty easily to a slightly sweet, slightly bitter taste. It was sort of like if an orange and a grapefruit got together and had an inordinately small baby. I liked it. I think. I liked it enough to go get another one to see if I really liked it. And I ate that one too. This time, though, I paid more attention to the entire sensory experience. It smells sort of like a mango to me. And I bit it the second time instead of popping it. It has these little teeny weeny sections like an orange (sorta) and when you bite it as opposed to popping it the skin has a sweetness to it.

On the second round it was rather candy-like. So now I gotta go find kumquats. I am told I can go to Trader Joe’s. I wonder if they have them at Whole Foods? I want the divas to try them. They are such funny food critics. Perhaps I’ll get some, have them try, and do a video on it. Stay tuned!

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  1. I have personally never had one, but now I think I must give it a try. At least keeping the camera handy for when I offer it to the kid, stating the name, and recording the reaction for memory sake 🙂

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