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Salted Caramel Protein Mini-Cheesecakes

Aaaaand here we are with another cheesecake recipe on Bariatric Foodie. Predictable, right? Ok, ok I’ll admit over the years I can be accused of being a bit cheesecake obsessed. But that’s mainly because I think they are the post-op dessert. I mean, think about it. The main ingredient is cream cheese. Now yes, that can be fatty, but you …

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Raspberry Walnut Goat Cheese Cheeseball

Goat cheese is one of those things that for years I did not know I liked. I’d had it plenty of times but didn’t know I was eating it. Interestingly, it was a pizza joint that taught me I love the stuff! I sometimes go to Uno’s Chicago Grill for lunch on Fridays with coworkers. They have these lunchtime specials. …

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