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The wonder and magic of Shakshuka

It’s about time for me to admit it. I like food with unique names. Shakshuka. Like…when you say that to someone not in the know, their first reaction is, “Whaaaaaa?” And I LOVE THAT! Also, I love trying foods from different cultures. I always learn something about food and myself by doing so. That, Foodies, is a big part of the …

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Nik’s Chicken Chorizo Skillet

  I go to Denny’s. Quite a bit. That may be a bad thing for a post-op to admit but what the heck. If nothing else, you know I keep it real! S’anyway. I mostly go there because I know what to order there. I know my options and I exercise them! But every now and again they get something new. …

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Nik’s Pumpkin Chili

I would just like to note that this recipe was developed before the food industry decided to “pumpkin all the things” (as Shannon, your friendly neighborhood BF Facebook manager likes to say). I mean honestly! I went to the grocery store the other day and they had an entire wall of pumpkin products. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin beverages, pumpkin …

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