Ho-ho-holiday Photo Contest

I am not above admitting when something I have done is a dismal failure.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s Christmastime, or because I asked for a picture, or perhaps the prize wasn’t that exciting. But the response to this contest was not good.

But alas…a contest is a contest. And I had three wonderful Foodies send in pictures, so I present them here to you! Ladies…look at it this way…you KNOW you have a 33.3% chance of winning!!!

Meet the Contestants

This is Christine. And if memory serves me correctly, her husband took this photo of her. Doesn’t she look FABULOUS in front of her lil’ Christmas tree?

On the left is Traci. On the right is Traci’s mom. BOth are post-ops who are rocking a healthier lifestyle. Maybe they passed some tips onto Santa (who, by the way, I hear is on the next season of the Biggest Loser…and no I am not kidding). Perhaps that’s why he’s smiling so big. Or it could be that he’s happy to be in the presence of not one, but two beautiful ladies!
And finally this is Ashley. What’s so cool about this picture is that THIS is what Ashley looked like before…but this is how she looks NOW:

I know!!! I thought the SAME thing. What a difference! Although Ashley’s pic was not in front of holiday deco, she and her hubby took the pictures to give out for Christmas, which is good enough for me!!!

Now, ladies…I want you to bookmark this blog post. And then I want you to set a reminder in your calendar for two years from now to come back to this link. Why? Because right about then your mind will start to play tricks on you about your process and you’ll need some perspective. Photos are a great way to compare and contrast your journey, so I am SO glad you took me up on this opportunity to do so at Christmastime.

Ok, on to the business. Use the poll on the right menu bar to vote for who should win this ultra bitchin’ digital food scale. Good luck ladies!


  1. I wanted to enter but I didn't have enough time. The past few weeks have been SUPER busy for us over here. Expect to see me in your next contest! Good luck to those beautiful ladies!!

  2. Well, I tried. Next time I'll dress up nekked…I'll be sure to win!

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