Have protein shake, will travel…

So you’re busy. You work. You have to get yourself, your kids and, let’s face it, even your spouse out the door every damn morning and you just don’t have time to stop and make, much less enjoy, a home-blended protein shake!

Calm down…we got you covered!

I have a friend who I will not name publicly but if she reads this she will know I am speaking of her. I knew her pre-op and talked to her quite a bit about surgery before hand. She is now the most armed little RNY soldier I’ve ever met. I dedicate this post to her.

Here are some strategies for doing protein shakes (if you should desire to do them) on the go:

1. There are a LOT of ready to drink options out there. Some of our favorites are:

  • Muscle Milk Light – I am guilty of not drinking the light ones (my fave is chocolate malt) which are lower in fat and calories. I usually drink my own shakes, but sometimes if I have forgotten my lunch or am coming back from a hard weight lifting session at the gym, I pick one of these babies up at 7-Eleven and go to town!

  • Pure Protein RTD – frankly, we like Muscle Milk better. This one, to me, has a chalkiness to it. The flavor is not bad though.

  • Atkins – I started out with these as a lil’ baby post-op. The flavors are good, the texture is nice. Unlike Muscle Milk or Pure Protein, however, it reads like a protein shake. The above definitely have “Yoohoo” leanings.

  • Isopure – for those that don’t like the creamy stuff. I personally don’t like these straight up but add half a sugar-free drink stick and SHAZZAM! It’s magical!

2. Like my WLS protégé, you too can make your work space into a protein shake kitchen!

How? With the purchase of a few simple items:

• A good protein powder that you like. You can portion them out into snack sized baggies if you want

• Some squeezy bottles of sugar-free syrups. I find the travel lotion bottles work well for these. Just remember to label them. I speak from experience here!

• A portable blender. Yes, they make them and no they are not expensive.

• A box of sugar substitute packets – yellow, blue or pink…doesn’t matter

I do this myself. I just bring in a half gallon of skim milk, stick it in the break room fridge and I’m good to go with breakfast all week. This may seem sort of extreme, but when you drink as much protein as I did early out, it’s a time saving investment!

3. Make your own “blends” at home and invest in a good shaker bottle!

I was going to make a video of this one but it’s so easy I am just going to tell you. Has everyone heard of Pam’s Protein Chai Tea? I hear it is awesome although I am guilty of not trying it yet. Perhaps she’ll bring some to OH conference so I can finally get a taste.

Anyway, this concept is not exclusive to that recipe. You can make a larger batch of whatever flavor you like and separate it into snack sized baggies. To take it a step further (because I have a serious mental block in the morning). I put a baggie in my shaker cup which I put in my lunch bag so it really is grab and go!

I recently posted my Decaf Moccachino recipe. Here’s how you would make that into a larger batch to bag up:

5 scoops chocolate whey

3 tablespoons decaf instant espresso (or decaf coffee if you want to make a mocha)

3 packets Diet Swiss Miss (the 25 calorie kind)

¼ c. Splenda

Mix in a big baggie, separate into snack sized baggies. You can mix this with either water or milk, with blended ice or over ice – your choice!

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  1. After read this post I think that it is good to take this protein shake as a supplement….

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