Exciting News for Foodies in Canada AND New Ways to Get BF Resources!

Admittedly not the most earth shattering blog post BUT good stuff is happening over here in the Foodie Nation. I felt like it required a bit more elaboration than a Facebook or Twitter message so here goes!

Visit he New “Shop BF!” Page

I’ve started using a service called Recomonk for the “Shop BF!” page. Recomonk allows me to put all the items you can order to support the blog in one place! What does that mean? It means all in one page you can:

Side note: If you have a blog or website where you’d like to offer this kind of consolidated store-front, email me (at bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com), I’ll help you get set up!
This page is a work in progress but I wanted to note the following:
  • If there’s a product you love that isn’t in the store, email me (at bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com). I’ll add it!
  • For Amazon, Quest and Netrition, once you click on any of the links, anything you buy (whether it’s that product, a different one or something totally not related to bariatrics) will help support Bariatric Foodie. Yes, even auto-ship orders count!
  • I’ve made a special category for Canadian Foodies so your products will be easy to find and also preceded any products from Amazon Canada with the word “CANADA” for easy finding!
And as a special incentive for my Canadian Foodies, for the remainder of the year, any profits from you guys ordering from Amazon Canada will go toward setting up a “BF Canada Shipping Fund.” I’ve always wanted to open up shipping of giveaways to Canada but could never afford it! This is an easy way to help me include you guys in giveaways! (For folks living overseas…I’m still working on it!)

The Amazon Canada search box

On the right hand menu, under the regular Amazon search box, you’ll see one for Canadians. I don’t know why Amazon can’t just have one site, but I digress.

You can order any product from Amazon Canada starting from this search box and also support the blog. And remember my fall sales proceeds will go toward a special fund to help me include Canada in BF giveaways!

I hope these improvements will help Canadians feel included! I am continuing to work on even more ways for this site to be more user-friendly so stay tuned!

One comment

  1. Yay! Now to figure out how to order stuff on-line. LOL

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