Dessert Week Offering #2: Hot Apple Pie a la Mode Protein Drink

New Newbies. Baby post-ops. Whatever you wish to call yourselves. Bariatric Foodie has not forgotten about you!

It’s dessert week and we know a lot of you are stuck on liquid diets! It’s the pits, yes, but remember that this, too, shall pass. And when you are trim and fit and totally hot…what will a few weeks on liquids be in the whole grand scheme of things? (/end futile effort to make you feel better)

At any rate, we have you covered! Along with each of our dessert recipes, we’re going to post a yummy matching protein drink for those of you on liquids. These recipes serve all of us well, but we were thinking especially of you, newbies. Because nobody, and we mean nobody, should have to go without dessert during the holidays!

Earlier today, I posted my Apple Brown Nikki, a great alternative to apple pie. For the newbies, I have not one, but two offerings!

For those who like cold drinks, check out Jen’s Caramel Apple Protein Shake.

And for those who prefer hot drinks, here is my recipe for a drink I call “Hot Apple Pie a la Mode”

Nik’s Hot Apple Pie a la Mode Protein Drink


8 oz. boiling water + 4 oz. room temperature water
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (this works well)
1 package sugar-free apple cider mix (I get mine at Wal-Mart)
3-4 packets no calorie sweetener

Optional: a few pumps of sugar-free caramel syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg for garnish.

Mix the room temperature water with the protein powder, cider mix and sweetener in a 12 oz. mug until a smooth paste forms.

SLOWLY, add the boiling water, stirring as you add it in. It takes some practice but you should end up with a lump-free concoction.

Add in sugar-free syrup if desired. Oh and that whipped cream tip I gave for the Apple Brown Nik? Totally works here too. Top with flavored whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Dessert Week Offering #2: Hot Apple Pie a la Mode Protein Drink
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Dessert Week Offering #2: Hot Apple Pie a la Mode Protein Drink
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  1. This morning, right this minute, I am finishing up my Apple Pie hot protein drink. One word: YUMMO! Yesterday I tried the Hot Caramel Salted Chocolate protein drink. I did it using the non-Click method as I have not found click around me as yet. It was simply DELICIOUS! I am loving these protein drinks as I have such a hard time eating much food, esp if its dense. Thanks! Kelly [pls come to Indiana!]

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