A Day in the Life of My Pouch

Hello my lovelies…

The video is still coming. I know you don’t believe me but it is…

So my friend Pam did a “day in the life” sort of post which detailed what she did and when. She did hers in live time. Unfortunately I don’t have the liberty of doing that at work so while I am posting a “day in the life” sort of post, it’s not live. Although I am committed to writing as I go and not going back and changing any thoughts I had previously to be as honest as possible. And mine won’t have pictures. Ok, so maybe that’s not so exciting but perhaps it’ll be helpful to those out there who wonder how to fit all the stuff in that is required of us.
So without further ado…

6:15 a.m. I just woke up and am writing this post. For whatever strange reason I have been sleeping really deeply and well lately (that is not a complaint by the way). I suspect it’s because I have not been exercising. Tonight is gym night so we shall put that theory to the test. I am munching on a protein brownie, mostly because the trainers at the Y say we should eat something within 30 minutes of waking, but also because last night they didn’t seem sweet enough. But after licking the batter bowl (that’s the good thing about these brownies…licking the batter bowl=getting your protein!) I thought maybe my sweetness sensors were a bit off. As I chew, I still think they could be a bit sweeter (what possessed me to only use ¾ c. Splenda?!?!?) but they are very good and another one will pair nicely with my last scoop of roasted banana protein ice cream. The teapot is whistling so it’s time to make my instant decaf protein coffee so I can get going!!!

8:30 a.m. I can drink plain water again! Woo-hoo! This revelation is thanks to the fact that I forgot to pack sugar-free drink sticks for the day. But I’m so glad I know that now! For nearly two years I’ve avoided plain water because it made my stomach hurt. Maybe, just maybe, I am becoming a normal person again! I forgot to mention in my last entry that I took my multi-vitamin and my first calcium dose with my protein coffee. Since I brew my coffee and then ice it down I let it sit for a while before drinking it so yes I did observe the 30/30 rule also. The protein coffee was 113 calories, 26 grams of protein.

9:30 a.m. I don’t like this whole “pre-breakfast” and then “breakfast” thing. I’m not really hungry and yet it’s time for my next mini-meal. Eating when not hungry does NOT induce food joy. I will eat the ruddy thing, but only because if I don’t my calories will be off for the day. I am having a sausage/cheese biscuit. The biscuit is made from Carbquik, a mix made from carbalose flour which is high in fiber and low in net carbs. The biscuits come out to around 100 calories, the homemade pork sausage is about 135 calories, the slice of cheese is 50 calories and the whole thing has 23g protein, 11g of fiber. So good, filling stuff and, yes, I am FULL!

10:30 a.m. Coffee=good. Yes, I am drinking the real stuff. Fairly Traded coffee at that! Iced with a couple packets of Splenda. My protein decaf this morning was about 24 oz. so I feel I am justified in a 12 oz. cup of coffee. Mmmmmm…

11:20 a.m. Drinking some rooibos tea. Rooibos is decaf tea and it has a sort of candy-like taste to it. Not much sweetener needed, even for us sugar crackheads! Now if we follow the rule of all non-carbonated/decaffeinated drinks count toward my liquid totals, my Rooibos puts me at 52 oz. of liquid (24 for my protein decaf, 16 oz. glass of plain water, 12 oz. Rooibos tea).

1:20 p.m. Just back from sushi. I LOVE SUSHI! Pouch capacity is way huge. I can eat 8 pieces and not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. The good thing though is that my lunch special came with 12…and I only ate 8. Those who know me know that was a bit painful but I got through it. I had some miso soup before and afterward a friend and I walked to Cross Street market (one of B’mores FAMOUS open air markets!) and I found a stall that has a whole section of sugar-free chocolates. Someone explain to me why I bought a whole damn box?!?!? I put them in the freezer. In the bag. Underneath the brussells sprouts. Hopefully that will keep the urges at bay. Freezing chocolates usually works well because I have no patience. If I want chocolate, I want chocolate. With my little treats frozen, nine times outta ten I’ll get a protein shake instead!

5:00 p.m. Had a reception at work. THEY KNOW CHEESE IS MY WEAKNESS! It’s a conspiracy I tell you. Ok, so here’s the damage: 5 crackers with spinach dip, a handful of nuts, probably about 6 cubes of cheese, 3 cubes of ham, 3 cubes of salami. This is over the course of an hour and a half mind you. I can console myself in the fact that it was mostly protein. But the carbs have won for today…I am SO full!

7:09 p.m. Ok…so it looks like I am NOT going to the gym AGAIN! I have to learn to say no to family and friends in the interest of my journey. I really do. Sigh…taking my iron pill and vitamin C. I’m late on that. Still have 2 doses of calcium/vitamin D to take but that’s no problem. Had a spoonful of PB…since the day has gone to hell anyway…that, by the way, is called justification kids. Let’s sound it out together…jus-tif-ick-ay-shun…

10:36 p.m. You ever have one of those days where you have to look yourself in the mirror and say…you did NOT do a good job today? This is one of those days for me. But I feel blessed to be sharing that kind of day with you because a) it helps folks see that even people further out struggle b) those struggles can be overcome and c) it makes me want to come back tomorrow and say, “look! I did better today!” Ok, so went to drop the divas off to their aunt. While there had a fried chicken drumstick. WHY???? They always, always, ALWAYS make me queasy. Today is no exception. So m0ving on…Went to my mom’s house and did a ‘Bux run with my brother. That wasn’t too bad. Venti Decaf Americano with Splenda and no cream. Okey dokey smokey…so I get home and of course now I have a wicked craving for something sweet and so I just scarfed a choconana protein cake w/ a smear of PB. Thank GOD I didn’t make the cake with flour. All in all, the day just sucked food-wise but there is one lesson I can impart:

Make sure that even your worst indiscretions are at least ok food decisions. The fried chicken notwithstanding, my worst indiscretion today was a few crackers. I can live with that. Besides, if history is accurate, tomorrow will be a very small pouch day.

I’m going to make myself a cup of herbal tea and call it a night.

Oh btw…I did get my vitamins in and more than 64 oz. of fluid. And a LOT of calories.

G’night folks!


  1. I noticed that you take in a lot a splenda. You might be interested in learning that the reason splenda has chlorine in it is because it was originally used a an insecticide. I read somewhere where it was referred to as "sugarized chlorine."Artificial sweeteners can also increase your desire for sweets.

    Have you considered using SweetLeaf stevia instead? I say specifically SweetLeaf brand because it is the only brand that is truly 100% natural because they only use pure water during extraction. Other brands use chemicals during extraction, which is why some brands have that aftertaste. SweetLeaf is also the only stevia brand or sweetener on the market that has 0 calories, 0 carbs, and a 0 glycemic index, and the first stevia brand to be approved as a sweetener by the FDA.

    Currently, I use SweetLeaf in smoothies, and it is soooo good! It feels good that I'm taking in a sweetener that's actually good for my body! I plan on beginning to bake with it too.

    Just food for thought.

  2. Hey Yoda~

    Yes I've read it all about Splenda but it's what I like. I don't like Stevia. I've tried a million different variations and am not willing to try anymore. My philosophy on the subject is two-fold: a) I eat "frankenfood" (diet food that has been processed or scientifically imagined) so if the sucralose doesn't get me, that stuff will and b) I gave up buffalo wings…I ain't giving up Splenda!

    But THANK YOU for your thoughtful post. I hope others here read it and see that there are other choices besides the Splenda, Equal, Sweet 'n Low triumvirate.

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