Rocky Road Protein Frozen Pie

Cuz it’s a ROCKY ROAD baby!

So here’s the quick and dirty version of how this dessert came to be. It started in church (doesn’t everything?). I was greeter so essentially my job is to hand out the church programs to people coming in. There is also this magazine for kids and pre-teens called “Pockets from the Upper Room.” Well I usually flip through it with my oldest daughter every month and every month they have some yummy (totally not WLS-friendly) recipe in there. This month’s recipe was a cookies ‘n cream pie.

Fast forward to this evening. I wanted to make dessert. Cuz if I don’t then I have to watch people eat dessert that I can’t eat which makes me very grumpy. Sooooo…I began to think. About pie. But I didn’t want cookies ‘n cream. And for that matter I had no cookies (danger food for me ya see…). So I began to think what I had on hand. Chocolate pudding? Check. Whipped topping? Check. What else? Let’s see…sugar free chocolate chips…nuts…sugar free marshmallows…DING! Idea! Light bulb! And so ths idea was born.

WARNING: This is the kind of dessert that makes me very happy that I live with other people. If you live alone, invite others to share this with you. Trust me…you do NOT want to be alone with this pie. I was alone with it for 30 minutes and the damn thing drove me from my home! I hadda sit outside until others joined me.

Nik’s Rocky Road Pie


1 package sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding
2 scoops of your favorite chocolate whey (I use this)
1.5 cups skim milk
1 tub of fat-free whipped topping (I use Fit and Active from Aldi’s)
1/4 c. sugar-free chocolate chips
1/4 c. nuts (I used chopped walnuts but slivered almonds work too)
4 sugar-free marshmallows, sliced into mini-pieces (I find this works best using kitchen scissors that have been sprayed with nonstick)

For crust:

2 c. Fiber One twig cereal, crushed
1.5 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
2 tbsp Splenda
2 tbsp sugar-free chocolate syrup
3-4 tablespoons butter spread (or butter if you can swing it…I use Blue Bonnet Light)


1. To get your crust started, combine cereal crumbs with unsweetened cocoa powder and Splenda and whisk until thoroughly mixed.

2. Add syrup then butter then mix (I find it works best by hand) until a coarse meal forms.

3. Press crust into a pie plate and bake in preheated 350 oven for 10 minutes

4. In a bowl, combine pudding mix and protein powder and whisk until combined. Add milk and beat with hand mixer until fully mixed (be sure to scrape down the sides of your bowl). Refrigerate for about 10 minutes.

5. When crust is done, remove from oven and allow to thoroughly cool (this works best on a wire rack)

6. When pudding mixture is slightly set, remove from refrigerator and add chocolate chips, nuts, and marshmallows. Add entire tub of whipped topping and gently fold using a spatula or scraper until fully mixed.

7. Pour mixture into pie crust and spread evenly. Freeze for about 3 hours. Remove from freezer a few minutes before serving and put any leftovers back into the freezer.

Oh…sweet Lordy this is good! And the stats aren’t bad either. Again, this assumes MY ingredients. ‘Cept the marshmallows which weren’t in “le database.” For those add an additional 2.5 calories and .98g of carbs per slice. The stats assume 1/16 of the pie which is what I eat. Your family would probably eat 1/8 but still…not bad at all in comparison to what they COULD be eating…doncha think?


  1. YUMMM!!! That looks and sounds delicious. Yep, I don't think I'd want to be left alone with that pie either. Luckily I'm surrounded by neighbors who love to help me out when I have too much good food around. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh….this sounds HEAVENLY! Nik in action again! You never cease to amaze me. Can't wait to see you in action at the Pouch Party on Saturday! Woo Hoo!