BF Top 5: Ways to Stay Occupied When You Are Snowed In

Most of America is in the midst of winter. If you are not, I am jealous!

Snow days are a big fear of mine. Snow day = risk of grazing. It just happens. I get bored…my mind automatically travels to the kitchen. Therefore, it’s essential to stay occupied when the weather is bad.

Here are a few ways I do that (click on the images for details about them):

A Good Book

Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything
This is the one I’m currently reading. You know how a book is telling you the truth? When, in the first 20 pages you put it down 20 times, curse it out and then start crying. This book did that. It’s about the hunger we’re really trying to feed when we overeat.


Mancala (Folding Set)
This game is currently the rage in our house. It looks deceptively simple. You have one side, your opponent has the other. You take pebbles from a hole and drop one in each hole in the line and one in your “reserve.” Once all the pebbles are in either your or your opponent’s reserve, the game is over, you count your pebbles and the person with the most pebbles wins. If only it were that easy. There is a strategy. I am not adept at it, therefore my 9 year-old ALWAYS beats me at this game. But it’s fun because even young kids can join in th fun.

Sex and the City: The Complete Series (Collector's Giftset)
I know everyone is all into Glee, but I haven’t joined the bandwagon yet. Don’t worry, I will – approximately two shows into the final season. That’s how it always happens for me. That’s how it happened with SATC. Of course, I can only watch when the divas aren’t around but considering it IS winter and we have an “every other weekend” custody arrangment, this could get me over the hump. Alas, I don’t have the complete collection, but I do have a few seaons worth. It is worth noting that my second choice would also be an HBO series: Rome (I heart Marc Antony!)
Family Tree Maker 2011 Deluxe
This is a fairly recent hobby of mine. Mostly because the patriarchs and matriarchs of my family have all passed on and, curiously, I seem to have ended up with a lot of their stuff! I began to wonder about my other relatives. My search hasn’t been easy, mostly because, for African-Americans, records get sketchy in the pre-Antebellum period and on my mom’s side, everyone before my grandpa was an illegal immigrant! For us black folk, you might want to consult this website for help. I’ve also found this program helpful for organizing my research.
Dance Central
I’ve reviewed this game before, but can I just re-iterate how much I LOVE it??? It is loaded up with some of my favorite old school songs (“Poison” by Bel Biv Devoe, “Push It” by Salt ‘n Pepa…can you tell I was a kid at the advent of hip-hop?). The kids like to think they OWN the moves but I know better. When all else fails, a good dance battle will keep me out of the kitchen!
Five solid ideas to thwart boredom if you get snowed in. Because, as my grandma used to say…”an idle mind is the devils workshop!”
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