BF Top 5: No Stove/Oven Required Recipes

Are you guys in the midst of this heat wave too? OH MY GOSH!!! It’s so hot. Today it’s supppsed to hit 100 in Baltimore.

In times like these I do NOT go near my stove or oven.

Yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, I asked for your favorite “no oven required” recipes. Here are a few tried and true recipes that have seen me through heat waves post-op.

Chili Dog Ramekins

I actually had this for dinner last night! I topped with diced onions and I never missed the bun! To avoid fire, I nuked my dog and then cut it into pieces. On a cooler day, I might have used my grill pan.

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Thai Shrimp Salad

Not only do you not have to go anywhere near your oven, this salad is cold and comforting to heat irritated pouch. Newbies: you can skip the raw veggies and just dress the shrimp and this is still awesome.

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Curried Chicken Salad

This is a favorite of mine. It takes a simple can of chicken from ordinary to extraordinary!

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Thai Waldorf Salad

Ok, so I like Thai inspired food. A lot. So shoot me! Another good choice on a hot day.

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Queso Chicken

This one requires a crockpot but still, that’s less heat than your stove!

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Seriously peeps…stay AWAY from the oven right now! There’s way too much yummy “no oven, no stove” eating to be had right now to bother with it. Enjoy!

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