BF Top 5: Nik’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

In general, I’m not big on gadgetry. I have this (false) sense that there is value in mixing, mashing and pureeing things by hand. I even know how to julienne veggies by hand (thanks mom!).

But I do own a good bit of gadgetry. Why? Several reasons:

  1. Some of it makes it easier for me to say yes when the divas ask, “Can I help?”
  2. Much as I hate to admit it, sometimes the gadget can do it better than I can (you don’t know how much therapy is behind that statement, folks).

So I approached this Top 5 like this: If I were stranded on an island which magically had electrical outlets (but, somehow no way to get off the island…hey…I didn’t say I approached this realistically…), here are the five things I’d want to have in order to have food joy.

In no particular order.

An Immersion Blender

I’ve had some Foodies share some really creative ways they use their immersion blenders. Me? Mostly soup. Sometimes applesauce (I keep meaning to get a food mill, but I keep forgetting…maybe I should do that right now…). Try though I have, I cannot get pureed soups as smooth as my immersion blender can and it does the job so darn fast! I recently used mine to make my split pea and ham soup. I am also using it to make a really good carb swap at the 2011 Bariatric Foodie Holiday Food Tasting (if you want to know what that use is, you either need to come to the event or get your Holiday Survival Kit but you won’t want to miss this one!).

My Magic Bullet

Say what you want about “The Bullet,” that thing grinds up my Fiber One into crumbs like nobody’s business!!! With those crumbs I make mozzarella sticks, crusts for cheesecake, in my banana cannoli parfaitchicken nuggets and a whole lot of other stuff. Oh yeah…I use it for protein shakes too.

My Crockpot

I see a big movement forming around crockpot cooking. It’s about time! Crockpots can cook nearly anything and they yield delicious, comforting, tender, moist food! I mostly use my crockpot for no-fuss preparation of my Turkey/TVP chili and other such soups. I made some beef stew in it recently (recipe forthcoming!). If you don’t have a good crockpot, it is a must after WLS!

A Stand Mixer

I didn’t have a stand mixer until a friend got two for wedding presents. Boy, I didn’t know what I was missing! Much as I love my little hand mixer, the stand enables me to multi-task! I use my stand mixer to make my protein cakes, protein cupcakes and…(say it with me) CHEESECAKE! (Of the protein variety of course).

Wishlist: Keurig Coffee Maker

I had custody of a Keurig for a time when a friend was in the process of moving. In the short time we lived together, I fell in love. It was an elicit affair. We met in the morning and late at night. It was a one on one thing. But then my friend got all settled and wanted it back. A battle ensued and..well…ownership is 9/10 of the law as we all know. But this is on my Christmas list this year (although, as a single mom, there aren’t many sources of Christmas gifts for me, but I can dream!). 

Here is my reasoning for loving the Keurig. Only me and La Petite Diva are coffee drinkers (relax…she drinks decaf and her pediatrician is fine with it). But we don’t like the same types of coffee. The Keurig allows us each to have a perfectly brewed cup of what WE like. When I recently went to see Pam in Michigan, I fell even more in love with this thing. December 4th is my birthday. I think I may need to get one as a gift to myself!

So there it is folks…my top 5 pics. I must say…with these 5 things…would I want to be rescued from this mythical island?

One comment

  1. I LOVE my Keurig. Hubby got it for my birthday 2 years ago. I keep it at work and caffeinate all day long. I have the low-end model and it's just fine for me. I have to put in the water for each cup. Other models have reservoirs and water filters, and can make other than 8-ounce cups. I have all your gadgets except the immersion blender. Gotta get me one of those.

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