BF Top 5: Nik’s Fave 2011 Recipes

It has been an interesting year, Foodies. The year began with two authors and ended with one, but as you can see, nothing can stop the Foodie Nation. We rock on, baby!

This is very uncharacteristic of me, but I’m going to skip the long intro and just get to my five favorite recipes posted on BF this year. Click the titles to get to the full recipe!

Breakfast: Nik’s Cheesteak Scramble

I love eggs…from my head down to my…well you get the point. I have been fortunate in that I can still tolerate eggs post-op so I love to make these easy scrambles that incorporate the flavors of my former, not-so-healthy food choices. This cheesesteak scramble was a nod to my old sub-shop days.

Entree: Mexican Sausage & Peppers

I love sausage & peppers in general, but when I played around with this recipe I was even surprised at how good it came out. If you were newer out, consider dicing your sausage and peppers, instead of slicing them for smaller bites. For the hearty eaters in your household, put this on a whole wheat sub roll for a mighty-mighty sandwich!

Soup: Nik’s Cheesy “Fauxtato” Bacon Soup

For the “meat and potato” lovers in the house…this soup will help with the craving for a loaded baked potato. For newbies, omit the bacon pieces and mix in a Laughing Cow Light wedge or a sprinkle of yoru favorite finely shredded cheese while it’s still hot for a yummy, puree-stage approved treat! For added protein, you can mix in a scoop of unflavored protein while cooking.

Protein Shake: Nik’s Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

Every once in a while this chocoholic likes to take a break from the creamy drinks and have something a little fruity. This shake took me to the islands! Be sure you’re approved for fruits before trying this one and if you don’t know if you dump on natural sugars, be sure to do a sip test (sip…wait a full minute for a reaction…then proceed) first.
These win on cuteness factor alone and decorating them was lots fun!
What recipes did you love this year? Let me know in the comments. And if you still haven’t found your favorite BF recipe, be sure to check out my complete recipe index. I’m convinced there’s something in there for everyone!
Thanks for making 2011 another great “year of the Foodie!”
Happy New Year!


  1. Nik,
    Your site is by far my favorite as you share not only your food ideas/issues, but you share your life/family. I so appreciate that.
    I have gotten so many ideas and recipes from you that I don't have to buy a recipe book for WLS at all. I tell everyone I talk to how awesome your site is and shop amazon through your site to hopefully support you in a small way.
    You are always so energetic and cheerful. Willing to try anything! and always successful! thank you, thank you in every language available for your time, energy, ideas, kindness, and everything you do for us newbies:)
    ann slaybaugh

  2. Thanks for everything you do. I love your site as well. Hope you have a great 2012!!!!!


  3. Nik-
    You know that I love you, and I love Bariatric Foodie! I have learned so very much from you and always pass on the site to anyone I know who is looking for healthier eating info. You rock and I am glad that 2011 brought us a couple of chances to meet each other!!

    I can't wait to see what you accomplish in 20121

  4. Thanks everyone! I so appreciate these words. I do it all for our community. We deserve food joy too! And I got BIG plans for 2012. Whether or not those plans materialize? Well…that remains to be seen. But if I have anything to do with it 2012 will be the year of the Foodie!

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