BF Review: Fit Frappe Mocha

But first…

THANK YOU to folks who shared recipes yesterday. It wasn’t easy picking a finalist for yesterday, but alas…that is my job. The first finalist…who will qualify to win a full tub of Fit Frappe is…Penney Ulch Vachon!!! Congrats, Penney. You don’t need to do anything until this weekend, when your recipe comes to a vote. Then I need you to tell your hubby, your sisters, your brothers and even that weird neighbor down the street to vote for YOU!

Here’s Penney’s recipe for what she calls her “Wake Your A$$ Up” Shake:

1 c. cold coffee
2 tbsp. Coffee Mate sugar-free Caramel Macchiato Creamer (or to taste
1 serving of Fit Frappe Espresso (the 8 oz. size serving OR  1/2 the sample pack)
1 tbsp Torani sugar-free caramel syrup

(Penney’s) Directions:

“Shake it up, baby! And because I am a loon and have to work til midnight, I poured this over COFFEE ICE CUBES! Wheeee”

Penney, I heart you but LOOKING at this recipe is making me jittery! If you are the same, try using a cup of DECAF instead of regular coffee and using plain old ice cubes. K?

Next review up is Mocha. Will YOUR recipe be going up against Penney’s in the finals? We shall see!

Ok, so I have to be arrogant for a moment. I know a little something about mocha. No…I mean…I know a little something about mocha. So I was dubious that Fit Frappe could be any better than what I already had going on. But hey, anything is worth a shot, right?

Stats: A bit lower than the Espresso. Again, I give the stats for serving that yields an 8 oz. drink. Here are the stats for all the Fit Frappe flavors.

Calories: 60
Fat: 1.5g
Carbs: 11g
Fiber: 3g (so 8 net grams of carbs)
Sugar alcohols: 6g
Protein: 10g

Aesthetics: Yadda, yadda. Looks like chocolate powder. Smells more chocolatey than coffee, but I’ve learned that’s sort of par for the course. Chocolate and coffee have an interesting relationship. They sort of blend harmoniously. If you add a little bit of chocolate to a lot of coffee, the coffee will taste better (as was the case in the Espresso sample from yesterday). If you add a little coffee to a lot of chocolate, the chocolate will taste better. If you add a lot of chocolate to a lot of coffee THEN you get mocha. So all that is to say the chocolate aroma was actually encouraging. (Didn’t know you were going to get a lesson did you? Pop quiz later!)

Preparation: I had ideas, y’all! I was going to make try it my Mocha Forest Trifle…then I said wait no…maybe I will simply make me a really good mocha protein pudding. But then I thought…that’s not very Bariatric Foodie so then I was going to throw some in Kittens Love Potion #9 Frosting (which I admit eating sometimes even in the absence of a protein cupcake). But that all came to a halt with…The Super Chill Method of Making a Protein Frosty. Yes, people. Of all the things I could have done with this powder…I made a Frosty. I used the full packet  Lookit:

Notice the indentation…a clear indicator that this is NOT your regular watery protein shake!

The Taste: Ok, raise your hand if you’ve ever had cheap chocolate. (Raises hand) It’s a drag, innit? It’s not bitter like chocolate should be, it’s not rich. It’s just…an imitation. An ABOMINATION! Well…Fit Frappe is NOT made with bad chocolate – it’s made with very GOOD chocolate. And that’s what I tasted. Good chocolate and coffee waltzing together in my mouth. There was the bitter (from what was obviously quality cocoa and quality coffee), there was the sweet (again, I added no artificial sweetener to this puppy!), there was richness (cuz I made it with milk) and because of my new Frosty-making method this FELT like I was being naughty when I was being ohhhhhhh so nice.

Yes…moving on then. I covered the caveats of this protein powder yesterday. No need to repeat so let’s cut to the chase.

The Verdict: More, please? For all my whining about wanting a protein that’s JUST coffee, I actually liked this one better than the Espresso (this is not to say anything bad about the Espresso but…I’m a mocha girl…literally AND figuratively).

So I told you what I thought. Here’s how you win some Fit Frappe for yourself!

How would YOU use Fit Frappe Mocha? Perhaps you already have a recipe where you use chocolate and coffee together. Or maybe you have an idea. Either way, let Big Train know about it for a chance to win a full tub of Fit Frappe!

Here’s how:

  1. On FACEBOOK: Like Big Train’s Facebook page and then post your recipe idea on their Wall. Remember to tell them Bariatric Foodie sent you!
  2. On TWITTER: Tweet your recipe to @BigTrain with the hashtag #BFitFrappe.
  3. Here on the blog: Leave your recipe as a comment on this post.
You have until NOON tomorrow, Wednesday, August 29, to share your idea for the chance to go up against Penney’s “Wake Your A$$ Up” shake in the finals! And stay tuned! Because everyone who votes in the finals gets a chance at winning one of FIVE Fit Frappe sample packs with all five flavors!
TOMORROW: You’ll get to hear what your fellow Foodies thought of the Vanilla (non-coffee based) Fit Frappe flavor. You might remember I gave a few folks the opportunity to review it? Read what THEY thought and then get your vanilla recipes ready to win!