BF Family Style: McDonald’s Swaps

So yesterday I heard that McDonald’s brought back the “Mac Snack Wrap.” I won’t lie…I tried it. It was pretty good. For reasons I may never understand fast food burgers sit so much better in my pouch than burgers that are made at home, probably using much better ingredients.

Some of you might remember that when this sandwich first came out, though, I was itching to translate it into something better for me. Because I can’t go around eating Mac Snack Wraps all the time. Moderation. It’s our lifestyle!

Alongside those endeavors I have two daughters and, much as I am so thankful for my WLS, I kind of want to avoid them ending up on a table someday. So I set off to try to make some “Mickey D’s” swaps with better stats to satisfy their “American Kid” sensibilities.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Nik Wrap

My version uses a high fiber tortilla, lean ground turkey, light Thousand Island Dressing and is every bit as good as the McDonald’s version. In fact, this one is so good for you that your kids could actually have TWO!

The Egg NikMuffin

I used to make these in batches out of 100-calorie English Muffins, egg whites and homemade pork sausage and wrap them in plastic wrap to put in the freezer for easy access, but now that I have my beloved Food Saver machine, I just vacuum seal that sucker!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

This, again, is a high fiber tortilla, chicken breast, a little bacon and some light ranch dressing. So much better  than McD’s version!
This one comes with a bit of a warning. I have eaten this but I mostly do this one for the kids. Something about the combination of these specific carbs gets me every single time!!! Other RNYers, tread carefully! These days I make protein oatmeal…both to stay on plan and away from a blood sugar crash!
So McDonald’s…to you, I have this to say: You can try to tempt me. You can lure me with smaller sizes of your uber-caloric menu, but guess what? All you’ve really given me is inspiration. To play with my food!

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  1. Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!

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