BF Basics: Protein Smoothie

~by Jen

Today’s post is a two-fer, you get a recipe AND a handy “Basics” tip! Recipe first, then the tip details just after it.

So y’all have heard me mention my daily protein smoothie as my first meal of the day, and I reviewed the Yoplait Frozen Smoothie awhile back. While I love the convenience of these, they are not very affordable for those of us on a budget.

The cheapest I’ve EVER found them was on sale for $2.79 a bag. That’s $1.40 per smoothie, not counting the cost of the milk, protein powder, and anything else you add. For that price I could go to Smoothie King and have them make me one!

Jen’s Peachy Keen Tropical Protein Smoothie

1 Mixed Fruit Smoothie Kit (see instructions below the recipe)
8 oz milk (whatever type you use)
1 scoop Vanilla protein powder
3 teaspoons sugar-free sweetener (I used Splenda)
2 pumps/tablespoons DaVinci Sugar Free Peach Syrup

Add the smoothie kit to the mixing cup of your shake blender, pour in the milk, then add the protein powder, sweetener, and syrup. Blend until smooth, usually about a minute or so. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!

Jen’s DIY Protein Smoothie Freezer Kits
I had to find a less expensive alternative that still had the convenience factor of the Yoplait Smoothies, so here’s what I figured out, and it’s pretty handy!

Ice Cube Trays
Small Freezer bags (or you can use FoodSaver bags if you have one of those)

2 bags frozen fruit, no sugar added (I like the mixture of pineapple, strawberries, peaches, & mango)
1 32 oz container plain Greek Yogurt (0% or 2%, whichever you use)

Spoon yogurt into ice cube trays, spreading it evenly so the cubes are the same size. Once the tray is full, lightly tap it on the counter (like when you put batter in a cake pan) to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Freeze overnight, or until the yogurt cubes are solid. Assemble the bags as follows to make 1 smoothie per bag: 2 yogurt cubes, 1/2 cup fruit. Seal the bags, put them in your freezer, then pull one out when you’re ready to mix your smoothie.

Added bonus: 2 cubes of Greek Yogurt is equivalent to about 2 ounces, so that’s another protein punch in this tasty treat! Enjoy!

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  1. greatgastrectomy

    My mother bought me one of those individual blenders with the blender cups, so I finally got around to making these kits tonight. What a great idea and how simple. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm going to post about this on my blog later with a link back to this post.

  2. How do you keep your protein shakes from being so frothy??? I can't get mine to look like yours.

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