Bariatric Foodie Official Contest & Promotion Rules

Bariatric Foodie blog contests are sponsored by either Bariatric Foodie or a partner company. By entering any Bariatric Foodie contest, you are accepting the terms of condition for entry into a Bariatric Foodie promotion, as set forth below.

Eligibility & Entry

All Bariatric Foodie contests, promotions and giveaways are open worldwide, however exclusions apply. Prize eligibility is contingent on country and local laws. If the physical prize awarded cannot be shipped to a winner’s country of origin, Bariatric Foodie will transfer the retail value of such prize to an Amazon gift card or the like. Bariatric Foodie giveaway prizes have no cash value and otherwise cannot be transferred. Please read individual giveaway or promotion eligibility rules carefully.

Except where indicated, each Bariatric Foodie promotion or giveaway will have unique entry options and qualifications. Please read those options and qualifications carefully and follow entry directions exactly to ensure your entry is valid.

Each Bariatric Foodie promotion or giveaway will have a start and end date which will be noted in the blog post announcing the giveaway. All valid entries made during that period are eligible for the prize associated with that giveaway. No entries will be accepted before the entry start date or after the entry end date.


Except where noted, winners will be chosen by random name generator ( In cases where more than one prize is offered, the list of entrants will be randomized three times to choose a winner. All announcements of winners will be made on Bariatric Foodie at least 48 hours following the end of the entry period (see PRIVACY for when/how winner’s information is shared).

In addition, once a winner of a Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion is chosen, Bariatric Foodie will attempt to notify the winner using any contact information provided in the contest entry (see PRIVACY for more information).

Prize Notification: Prize winners have 48 hours following the publishing of the Bariatric Foodie blog post announcing their name as the winner to claim their prize using the instructions in the blog post.

Inactive Forfeiture of Prizes: If the winner does not claim their prize in that period of time, they have inactively forfeited their prize and Bariatric Foodie reserves the right to redraw a name from the pool of eligible entrants. Redraws will be made by re-randomizing the eligible entry pool through the random list generator.

Active forfeiture of prizes: Prize winners may also actively forfeit their prize by notifying Bariatric Foodie within 48 hours of the prize winner announcement on Bariatric Foodie. If a winner inactively forfeits their prize they will be ineligible to win a prize from a Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion for a period of 30 days following the contest or promotion. If a winner actively forfeits their prize, they are immediately eligible to win future prizes as a result of Bariatric Foodie contests and promotions.

Bariatric Foodie contest and promotion prizes are non-transferrable.

Winners of Bariatric Foodie contests and promotions shall be ineligible to win additional prizes for a period of 30 days following their win.


Bariatric Foodie values your privacy. No contest entry that requires contact information will be mandatory in a Bariatric Foodie giveaway or promotion, however, such information may be required for that particular entry method to be considered valid.

By entering any Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion, you give your permission to use your name and/or contact information in the following ways:

  • Prize Notification: If you win a prize as a result of entry into a Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion, Bariatric Foodie will use any contact information provided to notify you of your prize. In all cases, Bariatric Foodie will announce at least the first name, last initial of contest winners for notification purposes.
  • Shipment: Upon acceptance of a prize win, Bariatric Foodie may request additional contact information, such as mailing address or email, to share with prize sponsoring companies for the purposes of delivering your prize to you. Unless otherwise indicated, prizes are shipped directly from the sponsoring companies. A prize sponsoring company may follow
    up with you directly to arrange for the delivery of a prize.
  • With the except of The Bariatric Foodie Pledge (see below), sponsoring companies do not have Bariatric Foodie’s permission to contact you following a contest or promotion without your expressed permission. In some cases, entry into a contest or giveaway constitutes permission for the sponsoring company to contact you via email. In such cases, this provision will be explicitly stated in the contest entry information for that particular giveaway. In such cases, you may unsubscribe from sponsor communications at any time and this will not affect your status in that or any future prize drawings.
  • The Bariatric Foodie Pledge: By signing up for the Bariatric Foodie Pledge, you are agreeing to receive communications from Bariatric Foodie and sponsoring companies. Sponsoring companies may contact you with newsletters, offers, or other communications. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Bariatric Foodie is not liable or responsible for any contact that occurs after a Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion with a sponsoring company with winner’s consent. If a prize sponsoring company contacts you following a promotion without your consent, please notify Bariatric Foodie immediately via email at


Winners will receive a confirmation of shipment of their prize, if arriving by carrier, by either Bariatric Foodie or the prize sponsoring company. If prize winners do not receive their prize within the time outlined in the confirmation, they should contact Bariatric Foodie at

Bariatric Foodie often requests that prize winners provide a picture of the prize and, if comfortable, the winner with their prize. This is not mandatory nor does it have any bearing on future prize eligibility. By providing photos or testimonials related to a Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion prize, winners give Bariatric Foodie permission to share that information via social media including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the Bariatric Foodie blog.


Please note that no Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion is in any way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media site indicated in contest entries, as per their terms of service. Contest winners shall hold such social media sites harmless in any and all grievances against Bariatric Foodie contests and promotions.

By accepting prizes as a result of a Bariatric Foodie contest or promotion, winners also hold Bariatric Foodie harmless for any injury that may occur as a result of use of the prize. Bariatric Foodie does not endorse or guarantee the quality of any product provided by prize sponsoring companies. All grievances related to prizes should be directed to the prize sponsoring company.


Please direct all Bariatric Foodie contest and promotion inquiries to:

Address: Bariatric Foodie
P.O. Box 66136
Baltimore, MD 21239

One comment

  1. here is a Freebee not worthy of the contest
    Edit Recipe

    Recipe name Mexican Cauliflour Rice

    Number of servings
    Serves people
    Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber Sugar
    Generic – Cauliflour, 5 cup 125 25 0 10 15 10
    Sauce – Salsa, 8 tablespoon 36 8 0 2 2 4
    Kraft Fat-free Singles American Cheese 114 g 150 12 0 24 0 6
    Total: 311 45 0 36 17 20
    Per Serving: 52 8 0 6 3 3

    Prep; Mix all ingredients heat in microwave salt and pepper to taste
    Serve and eat

    I needed some more volume after my can of Tuna, tasty and hit the spot and as you can see 6 gm protein

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