Bariatric Foodie “Fit Frappe Makeover” Recipe Contest

Next week is a very special week on Bariatric
Foodie – Fit Frappe week!
Good question! It’s a new protein supplement on the market
made by a company called Big Train that specializes in making Frappe mixes for
coffeehouses. Fit Frappe is a protein drink Big Train developed for folks who love delicious Frappes but want to get their protein too.
But most importantly…they want to give
some Fit Frappe to YOU!
(If you’re a more visual person,  here’s me saying basically everything below…)
So let’s cut to the chase. There are five flavors total: 3
that are coffee-based, 2 that are not coffee-based.
The coffee-based flavors are:

Vanilla Latte
…and the two non-coffee based flavors are:
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla 
Boy, do I have a LOT to say about each! So each day this
week I am going to post a review of one Fit Frappe flavor. And each day you’ll
get the opportunity to WIN some Fit Frappe for yourself!
Here’s how YOU can
win some Fit Frappe to try:
  1. Look out for my Fit Frappe review each day. Each day I’m going to tell you about one flavor.
  2. Submit your recipe idea – At the end of each review, I’ll give instructions on how to submit a recipe idea for that day’s flavor on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog!  Each day one finalist will be chosen. 
  3. Vote! At the end of the week the five recipe finalists will go head-to-head for your votes and the winner takes all: a BIG container of Fit Frappe! This is important because you can…
  4. STILL win some for yourself! Do not be discouraged if your recipe didn’t make it to the finals! Every single person who votes will be entered into a drawing to win one of FIVE Fit Frappe sample packs!
Because we could all use a little more yum in our lives, right? Each sample pack contains one individual serving of each Fit
Frappe flavor!
So…questions…I know you have them. Here are a few I’ve been
asked already:
Are we talking protein
shake recipes, protein dessert, protein ice cream???
Yes. That is all.

Wait…no, it’s not! Be creative!

But I don’t know any fancy recipes!

Chances you already have a great recipe – the shake you already make! So submit it and see what happens. Believe me, the prize is worth taking the chance! Heck, even if you’ve ever put YOUR own spin on a Bariatric Foodie recipe, that counts!

Do we have to take
pictures of this protein recipe?

No. That’s not necessary. But you do have to post the recipe, including all the

I don’t know the exact amounts of stuff I use. I kinda dump stuff in the blender.

If you don’t know the exact amount of ingredients you use, try your best to guesstimate (and that is allowed for this contest)! Remember, others may try your recipe out! As a side note, as you get further out from surgery you might wanna change that. You’d be surprised at the calories we add without even knowing it!

Can our recipes have
other products in them (Davinci, Torani, etc.)?
Sure, why not! Whatever recipe you think might be great with
Fit Frappe, we want to hear about it!
Does it have to be an
existing recipe or can I make one up?
Hey…you know what I always say. Play with your food! In this
case, you have my full blessing to play with your recipe. Go for it!
Got other questions? Leave them in the comments!