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So you have a great product or service you’re sure the Foodie Nation will love? Let’s talk about it!

Bariatric Foodie offers a variety of ways to partner to bring your products and services to the attention of the Foodie Nation.

…but before you dive in head first, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

If you have a food product:

  • Is it sugar-free or no-sugar added?
  • Is it low-carb and/or high fiber?
  • Is it high in protein and low in calories?

If so, great! I want to talk to you about it. The best first step is to email me at

If you have a non-food product or offer a service:

  • Is it geared toward people working toward better health?
  • Is your marketing and imagery inclusive?
  • Do you have a fully functional website, a social media presence and excellent customer service?

If so, great! I want to talk to you about it. The best first step is to email me at

If you provide a service:

  • Is it geared toward people working toward better health?
  • Is your marketing and imagery inclusive?
  • Is the descri

Here are just a few of the options Bariatric Foodie offers for engagement:

  • Advertising
  • Product Reviews
  • Give-aways
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Brand Ambassadorships

Also, Bariatric Foodie owner and author, Nikki Massie, is a marketing and communications expert who can design engagement opportunities to fit most any brand and budget.  Here is more specific information on the most popular forms of engagement.


Imagine…the taco casserole post (by far the most viewed post ever on Bariatric Foodie) with YOUR ad right next to it. It can happen!
Bariatric Foodie has a limited amount of slots for advertising and one of them could be yours! If you want to learn more about advertising slots and prices, please email
(Please note that I am committed to preserving an environment that is inviting to weight-loss surgery patients looking to live active and healthy lifestyles. I reserve the right to refuse any ad that conflicts with such an environment. In short: sorry, Doritos people! You cannot have ad space on Bariatric Foodie!)

Product Reviews

In addition to the above information I would like to stress two things:
  1. Product reviews are a paid service of Bariatric Foodie. I will never, ever, ever agree to review your product for free. Please don’t ask. It makes me feel like a meanie to say no, but I must!
  2. However, my reviews are honest reviews (see “Bariatric Foodie Review Policy” below).

In response to the inevitable question of why I don’t review products for free (although many brands already understand this!), I have the following to offer. My reviews are quality reviews. That means I take the time to know your company, know your product, figure out if and how my audience can connect to your product. That takes time and as we all know, time is valuable. You wouldn’t ask an employee to work for free (at least I hope not) so please don’t ask me to do it either!

Bariatric Foodie Review Policy

Bariatric Foodie is committed to helping people in the weight loss surgery learn about food, food packaging, nutrition, as well as lifestyle and habit changes. Product reviews are an important part of how I help patients learn how to make choices for themselves. As such, it’s important that my reviews be fair, honest and as unbiased as possible. This has a few implications on you as a brand:
  1. If you pay for a Bariatric Foodie Review, I am committed to standards of excellence and honesty in capturing and conveying my true opinion of your product.
  2. If you pay for a Bariatric Foodie Review, that review will almost always get published, whether I like your product or not. (If you decide on a review I can explain any exceptions but I’d say 99.9%, the review will be published.

Bariatric Foodie Reviews products on several parameters:

  • packaging, nutrition, taste, smell, mouthfeel for food products
  • functionality, ease-of-use, customer service and helpfulness for services

While the process for a Bariatric Foodie review can vary (especially if you choose a review along with other forms of engagement), here is the general timeline of a review process.

  • Inquiry: You email me (at to inquire about a product review.
  • Due Diligence: You’ve probably already checked Bariatric Foodie out. Now Bariatric Foodie needs to check you out!
  • Accept/Decline Review: Bariatric Foodie reserves the right to decline a review. No payment occurs until Bariatric Foodie accepts your request for a review, at which time Bariatric Foodie will invoice you for the review.
  • Scheduling/Testing: Next, we’ll schedule. Reviews are scheduled first according to Bariatric Foodie’s master content calendar, then at the discretion of the brand or company
  • Feedback: As a courtesy, I will send you feedback which will make up the text of my review. This is important, so please pay attention. Your brand or company may not give input on how my review is written or its contents. Doing so would turn my review into a sponsored post and legally I am bound to treat it like a sponsored post at that point, and publish it with the proper legal disclaimers associated with a sponsored post. If you aren’t familiar with sponsored posts, they are generally not regarded to be as authentic as a product review.
  • Publishing: Bariatric Foodie will publish your review on schedule. The review will be thorough and it will be objective (for example instead of simply saying “I didn’t like it,” I would instead say, “the product had a strong aftertaste.” All product reviews include high quality photos documenting my use of the product.
  • Promotion: Your review will appear on the Bariatric Foodie website and will be promoted across Bariatric Foodie social media channels. By law, I must include a disclaimer to let my audience know I have received product and/or compensation for the review. This is typically done on social media through the use of the hashtags #sponsored or #ad. The actual blog post containing your review will have a short statement that complies with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.
So in summary:
  • If you pay for a Bariatric Foodie review, you will get a quality, objective review with high-quality photos
  • Once accepted, your review will most likely be published, whether I liked your product or not
  • You’ll get a chance to see my feedback but you may not try to influence the content of my reviews
  • Bariatric Foodie complies with all FTC guidelines regarding the publishing and promotion of paid/sponsored content.
 I hope you’ve found this guidance helpful in deciding if your company or brand is a good fit for Bariatric Foodie advertising or reviews. Please use the form below if you’d like to contact Bariatric Foodie to learn more about engagement!

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